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  1. Now that my friend is Fancy :PI like those shadowed notification icons at the top..
  2. I hear that WM 6.1 will allow transparency and that is gonna make all these things just look great and that battery monitor is way better than my bj2 monitor cuz one minute its 3 bars then 2 a good solid number helps...i agree that those homescreen makers seem limited but are still good...but once you know the code the sky is the limit
  3. So I was wondering...What is on your wm6 standard homescreen? I know there is a topic for wm6 professional and they are fancy... Is it your BJ2 or Q full of trinkets or is it simple... Post your pics There is a great screen capture program available at http://www.iliumsoft.com/site/fp/screen_capture.php Check it out and post em I customized mine with the attached pic using xml coding and a lot of trial and error. Missed Calls show up at the top of the screen and so does in call progress screens No fancy facade or fizz but they can be added lol Homescreen_SS.bmp
  4. hey found a way to get just text on the homescreen check out ur post

    as for the other one for the missed call i cant seem to find it i think it has to do with the plug in laters..

  5. Found this might help this the website i got it from its good for reference of course you need to customise colors and everything source: http://msmobiles.com/docs/smartphone/plugins/22.htm Text Label Plug-In Description: Displays a static piece of text. Text wraps if necessary: Yes. Receives selection: No. Hide on phone lock: No. Class ID: {5419F376-6520-4407-B8B8-740F5B353EDA} The text is specified using the element. To control the background of the plug-in, use the tag. The following XML shows an implementation example for this plug-in. Hello Bonjour
  6. Hey kdar If you know how to edit XML code for your homescreen. I am aware of making it just one click away where you click on the SMS button and it takes you to your inbox if you dont want to use sms bubbles which seems cooler than this. this one is different then the code you have if you look for the code for the unread sms area you will notice differences.Right now because in your code the plugin is for name="smscount" and the code above is name="msgcount2" This is the annoying problem that causes you to go to the Mail folder rather than the SMS folder immediately. ... As for customizing the SMS ringtones for free as a tip youll need a Registry editor i use (http://www.breaksoft.com/Blog/Utilities/2005/1/Mobile_Registry_Editor.aspx) its free and easy to use. The first place you need to navigate to is HKCU\ControlPanel\Sounds In this area double click the ALLSOUNDS name Its going to open up a multiword editor here is the tricky part add the name of the file you want to add so if you want a song to be your ringtone change the name of the song to 1.mp3 or 1.wav depending on the type of file you want inside it also supports wma file extensions Anyway once you change the name of the song, then add the exact same name to that area in the registry editor above. Put it at the end to be safe and of course backup your registry first just to be safe too. Once this is done you need to add the file to the windows directory Open activesync and press the explore button navigate to \Windows and just drop the 1.wav or 1.mp3 file there Now to use the actual sound Go to Start menut -> settings -> Sounds now for all the sound notifications there you can add your 1.wav or 1.mp3 file its going to be name "1" only in this example tutorial I recommend using smaller files the better for these devices. But I have tried full mp3s and no problems. I am sure there are programs that do this whole thing too...Or an easier method but I fiddled with this until i got my sms sounds to go off in a certain way. So let me know if it didnt work. Laters :D
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