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  1. the problem is in sys.tx u have to edit it or copy paste mine [rawdisplay] class="portrait" autoconfig="1" driver="gdi" highres="0" [device] type="HTC Touch HD T8282" sdcard_dsk_num=7 [folders] app="%SDCARD%/iGO8_novi" [interface] maxzoom2d=6000000 show_exit=1 [sound] ding=0 [route] correctness=90 [device] sdcard_dsk_num=7 [interface] skin="ui_igo8" resolution_dir="800_480" maxzoom2d=6000000 defaulttilt3d=9000 show_zoombar=1 show_exit=1 screen_x=800 screen_y=480 vga=1 [map] 2dheadup=1 [device] sdcard_dsk_num=7 [map] 3d_max_tiltlevel=10000 3d_max_zoomlevel = 3000 3d_min_zoomlevel=40 3d_max_zfar=2000 fake2d_max_zoomlevel = 3000 3d_zfar_horizon_ratio = 200 roadblockicon_maxzoom = 2000 [rawdisplay] highres=0 screen_x=800 screen_y=480 class="landscape" driver="GDI" [debug] disable_outlookpoi=1 show_oneway=1 mapfontscale=150 show_speed_limit=1 show_poi_boundingrects=1 show_poi_areas=1 show_oneway_3d=1 speedcam_enabled=1 skip_eula=1 enable_roadshadow=1 enable_buildings=1 enable_roadsign=1 speedcam_enabled=1 show_pedestrian=1 [timezone] sync_os_timezone=0 reset_os_timezone=0 [smartzoom] minangle=0 maxangle=80 [3d_config] roadsign_lines_per_screen=20
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