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  1. yes, do want. mmm. pi(e). I can't believe you have a 'spare' one, you bastid :P Currently using a HTC Sensation.. This might change in the near future to a One series ;)
  2. If clockworkmod recovery still works, try applying the update.zip in the first post. If that doesn't work, you should RUU your phone with this: http://shipped-roms.com/download.php?&...p;send_file=yes rename to PB99IMG.zip and put on your sdcard. Run it in HBOOT mode, will start updating automatically.
  3. Make sure you remove the unionfs s*** :) S-OFF has no NAND lock, obviously. I've been pondering the same thing about /cache. I might just do 180M /system, default /cache, rest to /data. Without the dalvikcache2sd script, it would be put on /data, which is fine, it doesn't really matter if it's on /cache or /data (both NAND).
  4. Partition table for Deodexed Sense roms is now available :) 180M /system, rest is divided over /cache and /data. No need for dalvikcache2sd anymore:)
  5. Hi everyone. Here it finally is, the public release for HBOOT reflash for HTC Desire. Read more on the following page: AlphaRev Website. to our device fund :lol: Enjoy! In case you need it after the process completes successfully: Flash your recovery using 'fastboot'. Do not ask here how to use FASTBOOT, there's a million tutorials for it if you just search a bit. You can get Clockworkmod recovery image for bravo here. Flash it in fastboot mode, with 'fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-'. See? That's how easy fastboot mode is. --- Three different partition layouts available, one for AOSP roms (N1Table), one for custom Sense ROMs (Data++), one for Deodexed Sense ROMs (Sense). In case anyone's wondering: The 1.5 AlphaRev HBOOT version can be identified by the line on top in FASTBOOT/HBOOT mode: This says --- AlphaRev --- for the latest version. For the N1Table version, it says: AlphaRev N1Table. For the Data++ version, it says: AlphaRev Data++. For the Sense version, it says: -AlphaRev Sense-. (The old version said: *** AlphaRev ***)
  6. That sure sounds like a hardware problem you've got there. Make sure you go back to any stock RUU and retry. If it keeps failing on that, warranty time.
  7. The date on the screen is when the SPL was made by HTC. This is a true engineering SPL. For general consumption, we will probably be releasing a patched SHIP hboot (also to support SLCD and such, which we don't know if it works with this)
  8. More coming soon! hint: read the first line, lol. More proof. (reposted from XDA)
  9. You can't tamper with them. Radios are HTC signed (inside the file) and have several security checks. Any 'modded' radio simply would not flash.
  10. better yet, unrevoked ported 'unrevoked forever' to CDMA Desire. So basically you can S-OFF your device pretty soon, as opposed to the GSM Desire. This will allow you to flash unsigned zips from (stock) recovery, as well as unlock your NAND. Root is trivial when you have that option. I would advise to just wait for the port to be released in the next days.
  11. No OC until we get kernel source for from HTC, sorry :D
  12. Hi all :-) People seem to be anticipating the full official rooted 2.2 ROM from HTC, so here it is. This has some modifications for my personal needs: 1. Busybox + ROOT :) 2. Old A2SD+ (Cause the Froyo one sucks.), if you don't want to use this, don't create an ext partition on your sdcard. Simple as that. 3. OpenVPN binary with tun modules for the new kernel (loaded on boot) 4. EXT4 support (also through a module on boot) - EXT2 and EXT3 are still supported, don't worry. 5. Wifi 802.11N support. 6. Symlinked /data/local/bootanimation.zip for easy bootanimation replacements. Get your HTC Frozen Yoghurt here. Thanks to FatzzCat for the mirror. Another mirror: fflightning, thanks! And Megaupload Mirror. You will also need the new radio for this:
  13. That would be a ShadowFrost kernel. What ROM are you trying to use this on? That kernel is only meant for Froyo ROMs. Even so, it should work on anything Froyo, basically. It doesn't really help if you omit all the important information to solve your problem.
  14. You don't have USB in fastboot mode? I mean, you should be able to install the correct drivers at that point. And that's also how you find your CID. (by using 'fastboot oem boot') Otherwise, you can dump your MISC partition in recovery mode. This should normally contain your CID.
  15. This has nothing to do with the USB bricked problems. 'it does see an external drive'. The mere fact your PC notices a USB connection when connecting your Desire via USB, means you're not USB bricked. Most likely some weird driver problem.
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