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  1. So does the orange Unflashed Version have Orange Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or Plain Nothing? Personally having looked at the dummy i think the phone screen is a tad small for finger control.
  2. Orange shop in walsall have stated that the reason why Orange Messenger is not on the E650 or any other Orange PC Phone is that it affects the performance of the phone ie slows it down and in some cases caused the phone to crash. So unless they can presumably design a smaller less processor intenstive version it wont appear (the said that is why all the networks pulled it off their versions of the same phone ie Vox, S710 etc.
  3. As im using an SPV E650 at the moment I was quite interested to note the price drop of these White HTC Touch Phones. I was wondering if they had got the full windows live kit including windows live messenger as I wanted Orange Messenger as at present my phone is and Orange conversion from the HTC S710 so i would like things to match and as yet i cant find a free and legal version of Windows Live Messenger for SPV E650 also Orange Customer Services advised me that Orange Messenger is STILL not ready to go on any phone yet! Either way from the spec and the looks the HTC Touch is cool. I assume that as the price is dropping it will be soon replaced but hey its good for the consumer. MMMmm memory is always an issue more the better Andrew AKA Silversurfer2008
  4. No its not a miss print thats the price there selling it for in the UK Orange Shops. I forgot to ask if Windows Live Messenger was on it.
  5. I spoke on saturday with Orange Customer Services UK about Orange Messenger. My Question was could i use Orange Messenger by WIFI when in a WIFI Zone. They replied that Orange Messenger was still not available for download for any phone. That is very annoying. Presumably the HTC Touch on orange for just under £150 has Windows Live Messenger left on it untouched unless the powers that be asked for it to be removed also. I tried the XDA Forum and downloaded a Windows Live Messenger but it seemed to be out of date. Anyone able to advise. Thanks. Andrew
  6. Sorry about repeating my query in various posts. So noted for future.
  7. As you say its very stupid and something HTC should make sure does not happen on any new products. Do you or anyone know if the HTC Touch has the same Very Very Stupid Design Fault. Thanks
  8. One really bad bug which i have seen in C500, C550 and now E650 is to do with the sms ringtone. If you set a ringtone on a none computerised mobile phone and someone texts you the ringtone starts playing and if you hit any key then it will stop. This is not the case on these 3 SPV Phones and is very annoying (Only answer i have is using short ringtones but i dont always want to have to edit ringtones down just because HTC the designers of these phones or Orange who named them SPVs may have either not fixed or meddled with them and mucked this option up. Maybe someone knows of an application of some kind we can put on the phone to correct this BUG or Design Fault. Look forward to hearing from you guys.
  9. Im wanting to update my C550 to preferably Windows Mobile 6 or if not Windows Mobile 5. Can anyone who has successfully done this please advise me where they got the updates from (if this is not allowed directly in the forum maybe someone can email me). Thanks to you all.
  10. If its a long mp3 and you get an sms will any key press stop the tone playing and if not is there a setting or program to add to E650 which will stop the ringtone playing when sms is received and a key is pressed. Thanks.
  11. Can i ask with an mp3 or wav ringtone added for sms when someone sends you guys an sms and the tone is playing if you press any key will the tone stop playing? My E650 has this problem but as the supplied sms tones are short then its not a problem but if i were to add my own and they ran on a bit normally it would be a pain. Yes i could prob cut the mp3 down or wav down but any ordinary mobile phone i have allows any key to stop the ringing. Cheers guys.
  12. Hi everyone this is my first post on MoDaCo. I have a problem which I first encountered on an Orange SPV C500 (AKA Typhoon) and is also now evident on my SPV C550 (AKA Hurricane) and my SPV E650. The problem is this. If you want to add an sms ringtone (midi ringtone on the SPV C550) and then someone sends you a text message, any normal mobile phone would accept any key press to stop the ringtone from playing the SPV C550 ignores the keypresses and carries on playing the tune till the end (this is a pain in the ass if your on a bus or somewhere else embarrasing). Is there a way to cure this problem? I know i can jut set shorter ringtones but this limits what you can use. This also seems to be a problem on the SPV E650 but in its case at the moment i cant seem to add a new sms tone to the phone (they seem built in and only way i have read is to edit the registry, which seems a bit stupid as you could add new sms tones with earlier SPV Phones) and all the sms tones built in are short and stop quickly so no embarrasement there. Luckily in both the SPV C550 and SPV E650 cases voice calls when you press the call accept key stop the ringtone playing. Maybe someone who uses MoDaCo and has these phones can tell me of a setting on the phone or if there is a utility which can be added to the phones to fix this problem. Thanks everyone any help very gratefully received. Andrew
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