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  1. I have been using i780 very closely since i bought it and i didnt realize this problem until i installed Morphgear trying to play some emulation games. And it turns out that the keyboard on i780 canot support multiple press. While all this while ive been wondering why did i always have a typo on my SMS messages even though im pretty sure ive pressed the button but its missing on the screen. i.e open note click new note . im trying to type "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" so when u press T (dont let go) then press H quickly after and you can see that the H doesnt seems to be appearing. This is hence why the typo always occurs because i type REALLY REALLY FAST that sometimes the 2 button pressed together one of the character is missing. (probably also missing characters due to background process in the phone that lags the character appeareance) However, if you install any games that requires to press 2 button at once.. it wont work. hence games are not playable at all on this keyboard. eg. Mario, you cant run fast because u cant press B and -> at the same time so theres no way u can run fast in a Mario game with this keyboard. My question is that, is this a Hardware defect ? (because my dopod 838 pro seems to be playing mario faboulously) or is this just fixable by a firmware upgrade in the future? Its really sad tha such nice phone i780 with the fastest wm processor cant used to play a little bit of entertaintment game. Fixable or not ? Thanks guys.
  2. ya im trying to find a way to make shortcut for this as well i use dopod838pro before with intent midlet manager and able to do shortcut for it ... but with jblend i have no idea how to and theres no guide so far. i even want to disable the ASK FOR CONNECTION (cancel or allow) thingy that asking everytime. can someone help us please thanks ...
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