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  1. Can't you download WM6 from the Orange website or is that a different update?
  2. I've been looking at getting a 4GB micro SD but all I seem to find is micro SDHC. I have read other threads saying SDHC doesn't work with Windows Mobile 5 but does with Windows Mobile 6. Can I upgrade for free? If not does that mean, at present, we are stuck with a maximum of 2GB? This is using a SPV M3100 by the way.
  3. Ok thanks. Is there anyway I can get hotmail that isn't slightly dogey?
  4. Hey, Just found this website trying to find out how to read my hotmail email on my SPV E650. I've looked around but can't seem to find anything. Don't hate me if there is something around! I realise that Orange don't put Windows Live or Pocket MSN on the E650, is there anyway I can get them? :D
  5. I've tried using step two "Make sure you are connected to the phone threw active sync. Now run "EnableRAPI.bat" it will say if it has succeeded." Do you copy it to the phone? I put in My Documents on my phone and tried to run it but it says "There is no application associated with "EnableRAPI". Run the application first and then open this file inside the application". Please help!
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