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  1. since 2706 and now 2806 i get "unfortunately android.process.media has stopped" and google play crash when trying to update google maps edit : got back to 15/06 because google play kept crashing, works now with 15/06
  2. i'm trying it, and it works great so far thanks ! it's really better without those buttons
  3. in fact, i only tried preview, taking photos doesn't work "no connection to camera"
  4. i used camera-cfx2-signed.zip and indeed camera preview works great (with a dalvik cache clean)
  5. thanks, indeed i misread the last posts, i'm a bit lost with the new forum look and have some problems to distinguish people with the avatars :-) good luck for Tilal
  6. hi, i'm a bit confused, i carefully read last posts, but i wanted to be sure if the new rom (after the 15/04 and with the camera preview working) was released ? thanks
  7. strange, since yesterday with 0704 and now with 1504, even after reinstalling, factory reset and everything i get android.process.media and google store crashing every time i try to dl and install an app
  8. hi, first, thanks a lot for this rom which works great. just two things i noticed : - very good point, with 0407, battery life has greatly improved for me - little problem : my phone reboots when i try to use fly mode
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