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  1. Is there anyway to flash the clockwordmod recovery other than using ROM manager?
  2. I tried flashing the image. And I got one error on system update. So I tried this command and got this error. When I do I get
  3. So a buddy sent me his N1 that had been stuck in a boot loop. I asked him to give me the details of what the phone had been through. Of course he didn't know squat! When I got the N1 it didn't boot to recovery but it did boot to bootloader. I was finally able to flash Aman_RA recovery thru adb. Now I can boot into recovery. I've tried flashing 3 different roms (all MD5 checks pass) but the N1 one shoots out different errors for each ROM. For ex. Missing wallpaper/desire.jpg or some other weird error. I've been searching for 2 weeks. When I enter bootloader mode and hboot, the device looks for a PASSDIAG.zip. I dl a stock image from the developer.htc site and renamed it to PASSDIAG.zip. If finds it but then gives error about missing PASSDIAG.nbh or image not being the right one. If I use adb to wipe the cache (in bootloader mode) it works fine, but when I try to wipe userdata I get the "FAILED" to wipe error. Fastboot windows-devices gives me HTCxxxxxxxx so i know it communicates. And i was able to flash recovery twice. No problems . EDIT: IF YOU NOTICE IN THE SECOND IMAGE THE BLUE STATUS BAR SHOWS UP AND GOES TO THE TOP AS IF IT ACTUALLY WAS DOING SOMETHING I tried to flash an image using fastboot and adb (flash userdata userdata.img ) but it just hangs for ever. I just can't flash an Os on this thing. Trully, bricked me thinks? Anyone have any suggestions for me?? Thanks.
  4. where do I check for I keep getting the exclamation mark Using superboot I get an error unable to flash rom. I did the unlock bootloader and I get the INFodeivce is already unlocked! I can also see my serial number so there is a connection. I'm a total newbie to N1. I do have a HD2 with CM6 so not totally illiterate. Just can't find any helpful links. I've got a problem with "stuck on boot animation loop". My buddy sent me this to try and fix for him.
  5. I can't connect to ie nor media net, or send MMS on my ATT blackjack 2. I just did a hard reformat yesterday and everything was fine. Every, other connection works fine. Does anyone know what to check?
  6. it did that to mine to. I had the drivers installed. I didn't cancel though I just let it do it's thing and finished fine. It finds the hardware again.
  7. @nole28 I had the same problem. Make sure your firewall and antivirus has been disabled. I thought I had disabled it, but my firewall caused me to get a PC CONNECTION:FAIL. Restart your pc, and disable the firewall/antivirus and re-run the upgrade
  8. never mind. How do you delete a topic???
  9. okay, I love it! REASON FOR EDIT: i had a brain fart and didn't post in right section.
  10. this is where I got cardwheel vista theme. They also have a nice xbox 360 blades one. you need the Facade plugin. THIS IS THE GOOGLE SEARCH FOR THE THEME, CLICK THE FIRST LINK It looks really cool though. Very different. But I prefer the vista one better. I just switch btween them every other two days. :D
  11. Now does anyone know how to skin this?????
  12. is the extended battery available. I tried google and got NADA
  13. I want to remap the softkey that goes to contacts to call history, like this.... see how it says start-then right next to it is CALL HISTORY. Mine says contacts right there.
  14. So basically I get 5 bux. I hav'nt read the news article fully, but I'm also a drunk son of gun right now. Hmmmm....sounds pretty good.
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