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  1. Well, it was nice till it lasted. Recently my phone's sound is badly clipped, crackly so to speak. Cant understand a bloody thing other end tries to tell me. I was wondering if its possible to fix by reflashing ? Currently i'm on WM6.1. ROM v: 1.34.406.1 Radio: I dont have anything installed atm. Also, i'm sort of seriously considering a Raphael (Touch Pro) on Voda so need to safely unload all the stuff that i accumulated over time. Contacts, cookies, caches etc. How to ? Any software to help me do it ?
  2. S710 wont stop notifying me of missed calls/texts THAT DIDNT HAPPEN. I know for sure, i have checked everything manually. I have rebooted the phone several times, hung it on a charger (if it was running out of juice...) nothing helps... It just continues to buzz-buzz me every 2 or so minutes to tell me i have missed somthing...which i didnt... What gives ?
  3. Well, got my games off my old MotoV3 and onto s710 and some of them wont run. Or run weird. Doom 3D - HUD is all over the place. Game crashes out to...desktop ? :D Orcs and Elves, on the other hand, more complex game, runs perfectly fine. Splinter cell Cahos theory doesnt run, black screen (with white border on left and bottom, prolly due to different resolution). Only way to get out is to press red button and wait for 30 sec for java to terminate and then kill it off in taskman. Some other games also dont run or run partially, even though that i git those games running on non moto handsets... Is there some sort of converter/adapter to shape midlets intosomething s710 will run properly ? I have tried JBed, it works on some games, but doesnt on others. I'm fairly new to WM/PPC stuff and only did java games so much on MotoV3 for obvious reasons (stupid PC connection/navigation and such)... Can i be helped here, or i just expect too much ? Oh yeah, i dont expect true 3D games to run. Afaik s710 doesnt have any 3D capability. Thanks #Edit one# Mostly not running materializes in form of error message saying: "The MIDlet could not be instantiated: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:SC3" (this is in case Splinter Cell Chaos theory, hence SC3 on the end of message.) Any ideas ?
  4. *SORTED* Disabled "advenced networking" thingamy in settings>connections>USB2PC and it started to sync as it was supposed to. Before that tried to mess with firewalls, netlimiter, but that was not the problem apparently...
  5. gaidelis

    Unlocking/Reflashing E650 to S710

    Ah-ha... One clarification, which makes sense now and how it helped me to finish reflashing. Inbetween steps 8 and 9 - AFTER YOU SEE THE "now start a MTTY session" MESSAGE DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING WHEN THE MESSAGE IS SHOWN. Then just minimize the window and continue to step 9. the file "uspl_116_jockyw.bat" must be running when you execute ROMUpdateUtility.exe extracted from Vox-USPL-RUU.zip. Voila...
  6. Well, did a successful reflash from E650 to S710. Played with it a bit on my work machine thats Vista'ed. Now, bring it home, plug it to XP and nothing...nada. ActiveSync 4.5 is installed (like 5 times over...). What gives ?
  7. I have just bought Orange SPV E650 and want it as HTC S710. and unlocked, because i'm on O2. I think i found a google-cache of a guide here and it didnt work all the way to the end. Quoting it here just in case: =========================== How-to: Flash Orange SPV e650 with RUU_Vox_HTC_WWE_1.34.405.1_4.1.13.54_03.10.90_Ship.exe HTC S710 firmware This guide will do a step-by-step approach to successfully flashing your Orange SPV with the latest HTC S710 firmware upgrade (aka fixing the Invalid Vendor ID problem). You need to have Winzip and ActiveSync installed to complete this guide. IMPORTANT: Please follow each step (even if you think it's obsolete) or it will not work.The risk is entirely yours !! Don't blame me if you brick your phone Reset phone to factory defaults: Resetting your phone to factory defaults will DELETE ALL contacts information, calendar etc etc. Make sure you have made a backup of this data before proceeding. 1. Make sure your phone is turned OFF. 2. Press and hold soft1 and soft2 keys. (The menu keys above the 1 and 3 keys) 3. Press and hold the power button for around 1 to 1.5 seconds. Then release the power button. But keep holding the soft1 and soft2 keys. 4. The phone boots and asks to press the Send key to restore to factory defaults. Keep the soft1 and soft2 keys pressed and press the Send key (the key with the green phone icon). The phone will now reboot and will be now reset to factory defaults. This can take a while, be patient. Wait until the phone has fully restarted before proceeding with the next steps. Unbranding and unlocking the phone Now it is time to unlock the phone so it will run unsigned applications (which is needed for the actual firmware flashing) 1. Connect the e650 to your pc via active sync 2. Download MoDaCo_SPV_E650_de_Brand___Fix_Pack.PREP.CAB 3. Download MoDaCo_SPV_E650_de_Brand___Fix_Pack_0.5.CAB 4. Download RemoveSecurity.CAB 5. Copy all three CAB files to your phone. 6. Start explorer on your phone and run and install the MoDaCo_SPV_E650_de_Brand___Fix_Pack.PREP.CAB file 7. Next run and install the MoDaCo_SPV_E650_de_Brand___Fix_Pack_0.5.CAB file. 8. Reboot your phone 9. Once your phone is rebooted run and install RemoveSecurity.CAB 10. Reboot your phone. 11. Download SDA_ApplicationUnlock.zip 12. Run the SDA_ApplicationUnlock.exe inside the zip file. You should get a message that your phone has been unlocked. 13. Reboot your phone Flashing the phone Now that you have de-branded and unlocked the phone we can start the update process. 1. Remove the SD card from your phone. 2. Connect the e650 to your pc via active sync 3. Download Vox USPL- CID BYPASS.zip 4. Download Vox-USPL-RUU.zip 5. Download RUU_Vox_HTC_WWE_1.34.405.1_4.1.13.54_03.10.90_Ship.exe . This is the new firmware from HTC. 6. Right-click the RUU_Vox_HTC_WWE_1.34.405.1_4.1.13.54_03.10.90_Ship.exe and select extract to here using Winzip. The files should now unpack. Verify that there is a file called RUU_signed.nbh 7. Unzip Vox USPL- CID BYPASS.zip and start uspl_116_jockyw.bat 8. Follow the instructions until you see: now start a MTTY session or use RUU to flash any ROM message. 9. Unzip Vox-USPL-RUU.zip and run ROMUpdateUtility.exe. Click on Next twice. The application will now check your phone. Click on the Update button. Verify that you want to update the rom version: from: image version 1.xx.xx.xx (could be anything) to: image version vox-USPL :D

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