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  1. If you need an explanation you can go to www.pocketmax.net find a forum there, ask your question in the forum. But trust me you will receive the same answer - you should setup LEDs in phoneAlarm in a right way to avoid freezes. pA is the best profiler ever, so setup it and use it!
  2. In pA - Settings/tab Extras/Custom LED Colors/right soft button Options/LED Setup - You should wright the following: Red - LED 3 Green - LED 4 Yellow - LED 5 Red - LED 6 Green - LED 7
  3. It seems that the last version of SKTools can do this
  4. I think it is possible only by changing registry key if SKChema or MortScript can do it and you know which key you should change
  5. You can also use Mbutton (Magic Button), that will also add the icons of running programs to the upper bar
  6. Find a FingerMouse.exe in Windows and make a shortcut to Windows/Start Menu/Programs and you can asign it to any button or put it in any launcher
  7. You should find a black tsk with flat black bars and then install this cab
  8. I use an option in phoneAlarm for this functionality - just for information of those who use pA B)
  9. I'm not usind VC at all B) I can not verify this info but it seems that there is a version of MVC that works with Omnia: http://samsung-omnia.handster.com/programs...voice%20command
  10. Have no probleme with any delay. What do you mean by "laggy"?
  11. Thank you in advance for your testament B) First at all there is an official site of app: http://www.ftouchsl.com/ and there is FAQ on it, and there is a description of each feature! You can confirm the size of active corners or launching area with your optical joystick but not in mouse mode but in joystick mode by sliding your finger to the left.
  12. You have only two kind of memory on your device - Storage kind of memory, that stores every bit of information on your device (music, docs, programs, photo etc). This memory could be built-in like our My Storage and Device, it could be removable like Storage card but it is the same type of memory. And there is another type of memory - Program memory (RAM), that allows the ppc to use and run programs. You was right to install FTouchSL in main memory of device (Device) because it is the fastest memory on ppc. If you have enough space I think (not sure - I never use Voice Commander) you should install it in main memory too.
  13. Samsung Dialer - yes, it will be completely off, but there will be the standard windows dialer instead.
  14. You can go with brightness of you device lower than the settings allow you, but you need an app that can handle brightness of omnia because the standard samsung settings of brightness will not see the lowest level. I know at least 2 apps that can do it - Indibar3 (http://www.apoxsoft.com/) and MVBacklight (http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=25964 Only in Russian) in HKCU\ControlPanel\Backlight we change Brightness to 0
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