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  1. I used to use the Key Swop app for my old TyTn 2, but this does not work on my new Touch Pro. Has anyone developed an app to change the Softkeys on the Raphael yet? Rich
  2. Dont know if any of you remember the Goons, but they were famous for a particular song. Enjoy. Ying_tong_song_1.mp3 Ying_tong_song_fast.mp3
  3. Ah i would love that one, it was so funny hearing them say Exterminate in German
  4. Stick with the case that comes with the handset, the HTC is by far the best one for comfort and ease of use, the Krusel one is too hard and you struggle to get the handset out for fear of dropping it. HTC standard case for me....
  5. Here are a few of my favorites, mostly theme tunes. professionals__s.mp3 dukes_horn2_1_.wav dukes_horn_1_.wav Young_Ones.mp3 bennyhill__s.mp3 snatch_megamix.mp3 openingtitle.mp3 I have many more if you want them Rich
  6. You can get then straight from teh HTC shop http://www.htcaccessorystore.com/uk/p_htc_item.aspx?i=160191 £14.95 is a bit steep tho Regards Rich
  7. Hi guys, I have been searching the forums to see how easy it can be to upgrade my TyTN 2 form WM 6.0 to 6.1. But looking at it, i would not feel comfortable in doing this myself. Can anyone recommend a company or person that can perform this upgrade for me. I live in Buckinghamshire, and can travel (but not too far) i am happy to pay for the upgrade, just need to know how much. Hope one of you can help. Regards Rich
  8. Hi Guys, Im new to this forum, after recently getting a new TyTn 2 from "3". They have only been available for a few weeks now, and seem to be only available with the "3" business centres. However i contacted the call centre and they gave me an early upgrade, it did cost me £150.00 tho, but i do have a very high tariff. Very impressed with the features, but what really will help me is the new Turbo coverage due this summer. All the best Rich
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