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  1. Hi everyone!! It's been a while since I've posted on here.... I'm still using a windows smartphone though! (Dash) I wrote the following email and sent it out, but I figured I'd post it on here as well... Thanks! Hi, I would like to start off by saying this is the first time I've ever sent a message like this... This is totally legit and you can email me if you have any questions. I have a very dear friend Millie who is suffering from a genetic disease called Dystonia which has progressed rapidly and aggressively this year. She's had focal Dystonia most of her life which affected only one side of her body mildly and was not too painful. But for the past year, and especially these last 6 months, her focal Dystonia has shifted into generalized Dystonia. What that means is that instead of just dealing with one side of her body having some functional difficulties which have always been predicable and workable - she has now been on a rapid and aggressive downhill decline physically. Each day that goes by new symptoms appear making life more and more difficult. For those of you unfamiliar with this condition - Dystonia is “a neurological movement disorder in which sustained painful muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dystonia In the past six months things have progressed rapidly and aggressively. She can barely walk 5 feet without getting exhausted and that is on the days that she can stand straight - Dystonia causes severe muscle contractures which often have her bent over in half. The pain is severe and she never knows which muscles will be affected from day to day. At first it was just one arm - now it is all over the body with multiple muscle groups affected simultaneously. She has even cut almost all her hair off because she cannot lift her arms to wash it. Friends are taking turns staying with her and assisting her, as she cannot shower or dress herself anymore, nor can she cook for herself. She has a hard time doing just the very basics, like brushing her teeth or pouring a glass of water. She cannot walk but a few feet without resting - and that is using two arm canes for assistance. Most of the time she is in a wheelchair... But even sitting is painful due to the muscle contractures in her hips and back side. Chronic and unremitting pain has become a part of her life. Fortunately she is blessed to have amazing friends that love her and help her each step of the way. Fortunately there is a surgery that has been used on Parkinson's patients that works great for Dystonia called Deep Brain Stimulation (which Millie is scheduled for in NYC at Mt. Sinai September 2nd). It involves drilling 2 holes on top of her head going into both brain lobes. Leads are put in that connect to wires that go over the head, behind the ear, down the neck, and into a small box in the chest that looks like a pacemaker. Then the box is programmed to send a specific voltage (different for each person) to their brain. The programming takes a while to figure out - they must find the perfect voltage that will tell the brain to stop sending abnormal messages to the muscles so that she can function again: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_brain_stimulation. To see some amazing results of surgery: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxcJHC7iBeo & http://www.youtube.com/bl4ckhole So after the surgery in September, when all the equipment will be installed, her "pacemaker" will be programmed to adjust the frequencies so her muscles can function normally again. Being that she needs to travel out of state for the surgeries, her medical insurance will only cover 60% out of state with a $5000.00 deductible. At the moment, she still works full-time from home, but that is becoming more and more challenging each day. So, a friend has created a "surgery fund" for Millie and I am sending emails out to everyone I know for help. If you feel inclined to make a donation it would be deeply appreciated. If you would like to do so you can do it with Paypal from this link ( http://sherirosenthal.com/millie.html ) or simply send a check to my friends home at: 420 Dover Highlands Trail, Ellijay, GA 30540 in her name - Millie Munoz. Please send this email to anyone you know who would be interested is assisting Millie - we would really appreciate it. I appreciate your time and willingness to read this email! Thanks! Mike
  2. yoos


    Anyone have a joost invite they can spare?? mikessmartphone AT hotmail . com Thanks!!!
  3. I just answered this question in the Dash forum... Check out Facade and Papyrus at www.sbsh.net
  4. Papyrus is the best calendar/task app in my opinion, and Facade integrates the calendar/tasks on the homescreen and is awesome! Both of these products are on www.sbsh.net
  5. Thought this was a cool pic... Saw it on digg.com http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/19163916/
  6. I can confirm this issue doesn't exist with the latest CityTime Alarms app (which rocks by the way!)
  7. this is all just too funny... At least it's "good" publicity for modaco and the xda site... Get noticed more \o/ I don't understand though... If showing the pics are a violation of copyright laws or whatever, what about the tons and tons of articles on the web (including news sites like cnn and stuff) that have pics and vids?! What would happen if everyone started hosting pics all over the net on all the sites that host pics?
  8. OK, he reinstalled the app and didn't get any errors right away. He noticed a few hours later that dialing a number was hanging, so he rebooted and then gets the following error (the error happens during boot up): (notification error is the title) Cannot execute \Program Files\codeCity\Citytime Alarms\CityAlarm.exe The app is on his phone since he doesn't have a memory card yet.
  9. TBH, I don't know for sure if it was app locked, but he got an error so I app unlocked it for him, then reinstalled it and still had the error. It is a Cingular phone. I can ask if he wants to install it again to get the exact error.
  10. I was able to do these on my SDA using the info near the end of this post: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=7695&st=200
  11. Can anyone confirm this gives unavoidable errors on the Cingular 3125 (Star Trek model)? My friend has one and I recommended this app. It keeps giving error messages on the phone and also when he goes to the phones standard date/time menu it locks up. I know this isn't the exact error as I don't have it... I app unlocked his phone changing the three values in the registry and then running the SDA unlocker. After he uninstalled citytime alarms he said the phone worked fine.
  12. see if this helps... go to your clock settings and change your time by one minute....
  13. Hey scudo, thanks a TON for that!!!! Worked great!!!! I didn't have the registry key for the INCOMING, so I had to create it. The image for the OUTGOING file on my US T-Mobile SDA was \Windows\cprogback.png
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