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  1. try here: http://android.modaco.com/content/zte-blad...-rom-with-a2sd/ Matt.
  2. Now, Now, come on Ladies! Let's not get into a slanging match. we are all grown ups here. People come here for help, not criticism. I think we all know that the search option is there, but sometimes, people get carried away with the moment. as the saying goes: "Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up." ~Jesse Jackson Matt. :rolleyes:
  3. What are the best 'optimal' settings for setcpu on the Blade? What other options do we have for over/under clocking? Thanks, Matt.
  4. Hi Again, About to do the swap, To ease my conscience, should I bung him some money along with the Iphone? :rolleyes: Or should I just swap my Iphone for his Samsung Galaxy S? Is it a fair swap (as in value/price)? Really stuck...help???
  5. GOOD WORK MAN!! Thanks, Matt. P.S - Do you have any screen shots?
  6. iPhone 16gb 3GS vs Samsung Galaxy i9000 Who comes out top? Sorry if I am being stupid, no experience with i9000. Thanks for your patience AND help, :-) Matt.
  7. So is that a 'no' then? I shouldn't give away my 3GS for the i9000? Or should I? Still none the wiser?? Help needed, wants an answer soon....
  8. A friend of mine wants to swap his i9000 for my iPhone 3GS. Question is: is this a good deal? Would anyone take him up on it? Please help. Matt.
  9. Thanks for such an in depth view, that's what I was after! I have dabbled with Android, Have a San Francisco, and I love the droid experience. Appreciate your comments. Matt.
  10. I have rooted and flashed and unlocked my San Fran, if I do a factory data reset, without the sd card in, what date will I lose? Will it stay flashed/unlocked/rooted? Or will I have to do it all again? Thanks, Matt. (I just want to delete all the personal info - wifi settings/contacts/calendar/sms/call log/etc)
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