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  1. I think it doesn't matter with the update. You can set in "phone settings"-"network". Try and good luck.
  2. It is not the rom update,but the bootloader update. I have found some changes in battary control after updating.
  3. Congratulations!!! Your bootloader version has updated to MP-1.01.00. :D
  4. Two important key: 1、choose advanced usb connetion on your phone; 2、when happening connection prolbem on your pc,troubleshooting and wait; Then everything is OK. :D
  5. update site: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechS...p;swEnvOID=4014
  6. Anybody who updates 614C from 1.00.03 to 1.01.00 successfully,and any improvement? I think the most problem of 614C is the battery(it is hot,it's life is shot), I hope to know whether rom 1.01.00 is improved? HOPING THE ANSWER :D
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