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  1. That setting was unticked! and still it won't check mail when in sleep mode. Steve
  2. I have my e-mail set to download messages every 5 minutes. Before I flashed to WM 6.1, this would occur even if the phone was on standby (i.e. screen off). Now it only happens if the phone is "on". Is there a setting or registry entry to turn this feature back on? Help please.............................. Thanks!
  3. Is it at all possible to have the display backlight go completely off after a predetermined time? At the moment I have the seetting chosen so that the phone will NOT turn off after a set time (because I hate it when the screen turns off even though it might save power) but if I do that the backlight times out but still is on very faintly Is there any way to get the backlight to turn completely off? Some clever person out there must know of a way :D Steve
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