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  1. The download link is dead... :( I can't download this ROM. Please post a new link. We waiting... :(
  2. Try to change to ENGLISH ( United Kingdom or Ireland )
  3. OK... thank you very much. I will wait your solution.. :)
  4. Yes, I set the pictures. In yours previos ROM the pictures are displayed.
  5. I flash this ROM and I must to say that I like it very much. It's a excellent work. Thank's Daskalos. After one hour of test I found a little problem. If I leave Gyrator to work in background , when I have a incoming call, after first ring call is automatic reject. If I stop Gyrator everything is OK. Any suggestion?? One more thing... When I have a incoming call a can see on screen name and number of caller but I can;t see the picture associated with that number. Any solution for this ?? ;)
  6. Well.. I think I have a problem.. :( I use regedit.Mrln to modify that value of register and it's OK. But after a soft reset she turn itself to 1. What I am doing wrong?? ;)
  7. PhoneAlarm has this option too. unfortunately it's not free...
  8. I try to change this registry but after a soft reset the registry is set back to old value.... :o What I do wrong ??
  9. Sorry for my silly question, but what is the point with SS_DL.dll file ??? This file appear in every ROM download but I don't know for what. Thank's in advance..
  10. Last will start COMPOSER when you slide the keyboard... :(
  11. But with this method you will not solve the problem with original windows setting. You will still have Samsung TouchWiz setting... :rolleyes:
  12. Hi... I'm a new user of B7610 and I try to download ROM posted on first page but link not work. Can someone to post a new link with this ROM please...... Thank's....
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