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  1. I just recently replaced my black Moto Q9h (WM6.0) with the new grey q9h (WM6.1). The OS is fine, but the whatever-color keyboard mixed with the awful backlight through the keys makes it nearly impossible to see the letters and numbers on the phone (in a room or somewhere where youre not in daylight and the backlight doesnt turn on for the keys). I spent an hour with AT&T (knowingly that they prob couldn't fix it) to see if they had any suggestions, got transfered to Motorola... and all the lady said was, yeah we know of that issue and there's nothing we can do about it until they release a hardware fix for it. I'm wondering if there's some way in the registery that we can boost that light or something. Thanks, Ross
  2. I'm still trying to find a fix to be able to turn the GPS off on my Q9h, it's working on com4 now, and i have the icon displayed to tell me if its on or what not- and i just used it for the first time today a few hours ago, and now my battery is almost dead! Has anyone found a fix for this yet? Thanks, Ross

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