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  1. matteandhue

    MoDaCo i617 Tweak Pack

    *bluetooth fix* Works the same as the camera fix or messaging .lnk that you can't delete without losing your buttons. copy or create a shortcut of the file "\Windows\BluetoothOnOff.exe" to the start menu. Hide the start menu shortcut and voila. FN Key Mappings shows up with Bluetooth On/Off. Paul, Can you implement this *fix* into the cab or make a cab fix similar to your camera fix? Thanks.
  2. matteandhue

    Enable ICS/no registry editing needed!

    I agree, your tweak pack is a great compilation! I installed it before posting this find, but some users (like myself) may not want specific tweaks unlocked all at once. It would be really cool to compile a menu to turn these on and off in your cab. Is that a possibility? Really I just wanted to post something I found on another blog. Didn't see any other posts on it here at Modaco.
  3. FOR THOSE HAVING PROBLEMS WITH GOOD OLD INTERNET SHARING BUT DON'T WANT TO INSTALL A CAB OR TWEAK THE REGISTRY! THIS IS FOR YOU: NOTE: It doesn't matter whether your using Windows Mobile 6.1, 6.0, or 5.0. Please app unlock your phone to enable full control of your device. 1. Make sure your phone is app unlocked. I recommend this one: http://www.gpcarreon.com/SDA_ApplicationUnlock.zip 2. Follow this: http://www.mobilejaw.com/articles/2008/09/...n-blackjack-ii/ 3. change the ATTISP settings from 'isp.cingular' to 'wap.cingular'. NOTE: Please read below for another available option. 4. Your set! Go to Internet Sharing, Connect your phone to PC (Activesync Mode), press connect. Your online! NOTE: Those still wanting the hidden menu option under Internet Sharing (in case you pay for tethering or whatever the case..) where you can select which connection you are using will have to use a registry editor and point to the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE...Comm...Settings...ForceCellConnection Change the value data from 'AT & T ISP' to nothing at all. Leave it blank. Restart the phone and the menu will magically appear! Happy surfing! ANOTHER NOTE: Those using PHM Tools RegEdit can erase the whole line with no problems. Those using a desktop registry editor such as CERegEditor will not let you leave it blank. The solution for this is to insert a blank space via space bar and then click OK.
  4. matteandhue

    MoDaCo i617 Tweak Pack

    I have had my own methods that I have previously been doing to get all this, but before installing my question does this cab edit all the settings automatically. (does it change all defaults) or can I change each setting manually? I don't want it to remap the cv and medianet buttons automatically as I use another type of software that may conflict? What exactly does this set automatically? Thanks
  5. I have some lnk shortcuts in my start-up folder under /Windows. They are the following: ConfigXML.lnk FactBoot.lnk lpad.lnk TimeWizard.lnk TranslationMSGstr.lnk Are these safe to delete from startup? Will they speed up my device if I do? What are they for anyways? Anybody know, and has anyone else removed them? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks! -matteandhue
  6. Hey all! I've been noticing some strange glitches on the homescreen when the "wheel speed" is set to high and I use the basic "sliding panel" homescreen (not att sliding panel, sliding panel media, etc. "just sliding panel"). I've formatted multiple times and also noticed that it doesn't do this as often *hardly ever* on any other sliding panel homescreen. I was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing this? I uploaded some photos, check them out! Ugly! -matteandhue Jumbled... sshot009.bmp Really jumbled... sshot011.bmp Top part missing? sshot013.bmp
  7. matteandhue

    JZ SmartMort

    for those who don't have this yet, I highly recommend it for the Blackjack II! It adds so much browsing functionality to WM phones and much more! 5 stars! :D
  8. matteandhue

    Opera Mini JSR75 problems

    That's exactly what I was verifying. Double * for fullscreen, repeat to turn off. When it loads automatically in fullscreen is when it gives that error. I am verifying the **.
  9. matteandhue

    Opera Mini JSR75 problems

    *UPDATE* If Opera Mini 4.1 loads with default window size, it produces the $#V/ error. If Opera Mini 4.1 loads with the window size on fullscreen, it gives the "ERROR: Unable to find Opera Mini after 25 seconds."
  10. matteandhue

    Opera Mini 4.1 as System Browser

    JZ, this was already in your 1.3.1 version and worked fine for me, including the neat little Opera Mini icon! Please read my other post. I updated what I've been experiencing.
  11. matteandhue

    Opera Mini JSR75 problems

    I have spent the whole day testing this left and right, formatting my phone numerous times just to start from scratch to make sure nothing else was in the way. Here are my findings, and tried both an installation of everything on main memory(device) as well as the SD card. 1. Formatted phone, app unlocked it. 2. JZSmartMort 1.3.1 installed next, installed Mortscript included in cab first, tried beta version of Mortscript later following the same procedure as I am telling you. Activated the scripts also after installation. 3. Installed Esmertec Jbed 20080222 3.1 from this post. (This version works on both device and SD card) 4. Using PocketIE, went to operamini.com and found a "recommended version for my device". This is the 4.1 final version with signed certificate so java security does not need to be hacked. I have also tried an unsigned version for testing purposes, as well as old version of Opera 3.1.2. 5. Browse to /Windows/Favorites. Tried to load a url with Opera Mini. The signed version all day and last night just sat there, and then said "ERROR: Unable to find Opera Mini after 25 seconds." Now here's where it gets strange. All other versions of Opera Mini would try to load the url by opening the address bar but instead of typing the address or loading it. It types this "$#V/" and tries to load that. *UPDATE* Now for some reason, Opera Mini 4.1 final signed doesn't give the ERROR anymore, but types $#V/ instead in the address bar. All versions have been tried on my Blackjack II. All installations have been tried both on device or SD card. Everything else seems to work well aside from some other problems not relating to your scripts.
  12. matteandhue

    Opera Mini 4.1 as System Browser

    that's fine, I would like to keep my other post open though (if possible) to discuss other issues with Opera Mini if any. Consider this post D.E.A.D :D
  13. matteandhue

    Opera Mini 4.1 as System Browser

    I really hope I didn't start a quarrel on these forums. I was just sharing everything for knowledge to everyone. I apologize if I have stirred things up. -matteandhue
  14. matteandhue

    Opera Mini JSR75 problems

    Okay, here is where I stand. In order for me to get this to work on SD card I had to get Esmertec from XDA forums from this post. Not thelostsoul archive noted in above posts. I have installed the Mortscript 4.11b7 cab to my storage card, JZ SmartMort 1.3.1 to SD card, and of course Esmertec Jbed. Everything seems to work now except the following that I have noticed (but this applies to Blackjack II): 1. Trying to open any url or htm file with Opera Mini does not work for me. It loads Opera Mini fine, but sits there for awhile and then says "cannot find Opera Mini after 25 seconds". 2. This isn't necessarily a problem, but I have not found out how to access the clipboard on this phone, nor find a way to copy/paste like JZ said it was suppose to be able to. The only other problems I am having has nothing to do with JZSmartMort or Mortscript. *TAKEN FROM OPERAMINI.COM* Power scrolling shortcuts Scroll at warp speed using your phone keypad. Find your way around on the Web pages quicker by using your phone’s number keys. Press 2 to go up, 4 to go left, 6 to go right and 8 to go down. Hitting 5 zooms you in and out. Using Esmertec Jbed 2008.0222 3.1, Opera Mini 4.1 feature called "Power Scrolling" will not STOP scrolling. I push any of the numbers just once and it keeps going. Also, when using Opera Mini 4.1 address auto complete, the only way I can make letters is by pushing the number keys on my blackjack II, but if I push any letter it does something similar to the power scrolling problem. I push a letter once, for example (K) and it puts a K infinitely in the address bar. Have you both experienced this or anyone else for that matter? Thanks JZ - Do you want me to PM you on Modaco or XDA forums or just keep doing what I'm doing here?
  15. matteandhue

    Opera Mini 4.1 as System Browser

    Yes, both this topic and this one have been really informative and useful to make the browsing experience on a windows mobile phone more productive. I have really appreciated thelostsoul and JZSmartMort with their help. I am currently experimenting with this to keep both users as well as others informed.

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