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  1. jcm1221

    High Pitched/Too fast playing sound

    Ever since I stopped using Tornado Power the problem is not longer persistent. I believe overclocking it was the root of the problem
  2. jcm1221

    Hidden alarm?

    Hi all, I used to set my alarm to wake me at around 7am every weekday. But since my class schedule has changed I now only have to wake up at 8. However even though I set my alarm for 8 another alarm always goes off at 7! Is there a reason why this alarm still goes off? Perhaps a problem with my clock?
  3. jcm1221

    High Pitched/Too fast playing sound

    My ROM version is 1.34.405.1
  4. jcm1221

    High Pitched/Too fast playing sound

    How do you check what ROM you have?
  5. Usually a reboot fixes it, but its annoying when sometimes when someone calls me, my ringtone plays faster than normal, so it sounds like chipmunks singing it. anyone know of a permanent fix?
  6. jcm1221

    Can someone make a really simple theme?

    PS. I'm really crappy at XML or whatnot, basically I'm a noob and can't do this myself
  7. I'm not a big fan of all these icons and stuff. What I want is maybe a small clock with the date, and if I have a text message. (eg. text messages (1). I just want to see my wallpaper for the most part, and is there any way so that the words are not highlighted when selected. (For example if I use the windows basic theme, the top part is all highlighted in blue, so I can't see the top of my wallpaper. I just want maybe the text itself to be different from the others so I can tell it is highlighted) any help thanks! ;)
  8. jcm1221

    Sim Card Won't Fit

    Has anybody had trouble fitting Sim cards into the Vox? I tried 3 t-mobile sims, and only one fit in without a problem, the other two wouldn't fit in so I didn't want to force it. Any ideas or thoughts? Regards
  9. jcm1221

    Disable spell check on SMS

    That's what it is set on, and that is what is still causing me trouble. Just to let you know, i mostly type slang or in another language, so trying to type words, then them coming out wrong is kinda annoying
  10. I'm sorry to be a pain, but I have searched up and down and I can't find an answer. Its not on T9 or xT9, just regular ABC and when I type words an underline is under every letter, probably checking for spelling or something. IF you can help, please do so, or if there is a thread or topic already, just paste the link. So sorry to bother you all
  11. I've heard this helps to improve speed of the phone. Any ideas?
  12. jcm1221

    Paul's HTC S710 de-Brand Pack

    It worked except for...It keeps freezing my Comm Manager. Any ideas or thoughts?
  13. jcm1221

    Sim Card Slot Won't Lock

    Well I put it in the same way with my friends' SIM and it worked just fine

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