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  1. Anyone know the easiest way to view flash player content (video links in web pages for example) on the Topaz?
  2. Currently with tomtom support who will hopefully send me a new SD card.
  3. Hi, Just made the leap from Kaiser to Diamond 2. 1st impressions, really enjoying the new capabilities of the phone, especially the UI and the internet browsing. Big problem for me though is that I can't install my purchased copy of TomTom Navigator 7. I bought this a couple of months ago and installed to my Kaiser. I copied all the files over to a new SD card and the relevant ones into the main memory of the Diamond 2. However, when I hit the tomtom application exe file, I get the message, 'Your device is not compatible with this version of tomtom Navigator!'. I believe this may be due to the difference in screen resolution (Kaiser had QVGA and Diamond 2 has WVGA). Wondering if anyone knows if there's anything I can do short of buying another copy that's listed as compatible with the Diamond 2? Would really appreciate some feedback on this one, guys. Thanks.
  4. I was a bit surprised no-one answered this - was it too obvious a question? Is there some other reason? Anyway, I took the risk and bought Navigator 7 and it works perfectly on the TyTnII just in case anyone else is wondering. Thanks
  5. Hi, My Kaiser doesn't play new SMS or new Email notification alerts whilst it is plugged in to the mains - via desktop cradle/ charge/ sync. Is there any fix for this? I've had a search around but not been able to find the answer. Cheers.
  6. Hi, Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere... I want to buy TomTom Navigator 7 and UK/ Ireland Map for my TyTnII. The cheapest I can find is at Handtec.co.uk for £56.99 inc VAT Only problem is that under the item description on the Handtec site, it says that Navigator 7 IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH the TyTnII. Is this true?! I used to run Navigator 6 without any problem whatsoever. The TomTom site says that it IS compatible - but not from a 'direct download', i.e. installation has to be done from the memory card, which is no problem for me. I phoned Handtec and they said they had put that notice on the site because they were aware 'some customers had had problems'. They also said once the registration code has been entered, they would not give a refund if the installation did not complete. Would appreciate any help - is it possible or is it really not compatible? Thanks, KC
  7. Hi MS, Yes, I tried to set to 3G only and this didn't seem to solve anything.... ... BUT - I've just changed network type to GSM instead of Auto and kept the GSM band to Auto and I now have calls and an internet connection which seems to be staying on for the first time. So maybe that's solved it. Also, previously, I noticed that the HSDPA (H) symbol was always displayed and when I momentarily connected, the connected and little H were displayed. I thought this was a bit strange since on my old handset I hardly ever got HSDPA (unfortunately probably not much coverage here) and usually connected over EDGE. And now I've changed to GSM band, I'm back to EDGE again which I would normally expect. Any idea why this might have been? The only problem I'm getting now is that the internet connection is dropping when I make or receive a call. If I try to reconnect during the call, it tells me to end the phone call first. Is there a setting I can change to allow the internet connection to remain on during the call - my old phone did this automatically. I guess I need to email support again and tell them not to do anything after all, if this success continues. I'm really pleased to be mostly functional again and maybe the issue is solved? Cheers, KC
  8. Thanks MS for this one. I have now emailed O2's xda technical support since customer services aren't open at the moment outlining the issues and, from your much appreciated info, the probable reason. Let's see what they come up with. Cheers.
  9. Cheers for that. Tried the *#06#, as suggested. The IMEI numbers are exactly the same except the digital readout has an extra 2 digits (01) at the end. Is this normal or would this indicate the flashed ROM/ security issue you have mentioned? If I phone O2 customer services, which IMEI number should I quote to see if it is barred - or should I tell them both? Thanks for your input, much appreciated. KC
  10. Thanks MS, I agree, that would make sense. However, today, for about half and hour I was able to both send and receive phone calls. But now, same problem as before (nothing at all). Do you think it could still be a barring issue? I am wondering if my SIM card has become faulty and am going to the store to hopefully get a replacement - do you think this may be the solution? Thanks, KC
  11. B) I took my beloved Kaiser back to O2 2 weeks ago for it to be repaired under warranty. (Vibrate stopped working and it didn't charge properly in cars - even with different chargers in different cars). I really procrastinated about taking it in because I knew I couldn't live without it - and I was right!! Anyway, after a tortous 2 weeks, they phoned me up and said it had been repaired. Turns out they didn't repair it, they just replaced it with another (reconditioned, not new) model. This of course has cost me money since although I of course backed all data up, some software I'd paid for - e.g. PhoneAlarm - will only run on one device (the one I had given back to o2). Anyway, I thought, Oh well, at least I've got another Kaiser and it did look shiny and new.... Which is when (in the shop) I noticed the back cover on my 'new' phone wasn't a snug fit - one of the prongs at the top of the back cover which clips it in place had been bent - either by the previous owner or in transit or whatever. So I went straight back to the counter and told them this was not acceptable. One of their techinicians bent it back and it now fitted snugly, but I examined it in front of them and noticed a white stress mark in the re-bent prong's plastic. So I said I would need a new back cover as this may not hold - which they agreed to and ordered me a new back cover. So I, thought that was fine... until I put my SIM card in and tried to phone someone. It tries to dial, then makes the 'hang-up noise' before it even rings - i.e. I cannot even make calls. And when someone tries to phone me, they get the network's 'number you have diallied is unavailable' message. Strange thing is that everything else (except Data Connection which also doesn't connect) works. The phone indicates connection to the O2 network and a strong signal. I managed to send an SMS... but no calls or internet - NIGHTMARE!! I had a few strong words with o2 Customer Services this morning (you have given me a phone which is even more broken than the one I brought in for repair) and with the assistant manager of the store. They were very apologetic and have credited me £40 but, as I explained to them, the problem is I'll have to hand this phone back to them and wait at least another 2 weeks for another replacement. Which is another 2 weeks with a basic phone which doesn't do my office diary, SatNav, Bluetooth my music to my car stereo, run 3 email accounts, etc., etc. I am really tearing my hair out here!!! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be wrong with the 'new' phone or is it just knackered? Enjoy your Kaisers, guys, I am really missing mine.... B)
  12. Just in case anyone else is interested, I got a response from Pocket Tunes support re the plug-in issue. They said HTC Home Music Launcher isn't compatible - 'HTC designed it and they control what you can do with it'. However, the interesting thing they did say was that they are currently considering designing their own Home Plug-in which would obviously compliment Pocket Tunes. This project is not definite yet though.
  13. Hi,My Kaiser's vibrate function has stopped working after I dropped it - arrrrgh!O2 and CPW say it will take up to 2 weeks or maybe longer to fix as their express repair technicians aren't trained in this phone?Anyone know where I could take it which would be 'while-u-wait' service? I live in Manchester but don't mind driving.Cheers.
  14. No worries, thanks anyway. I've posted in Pocket PC Software so maybe someone will pick it up. It's not really necessary, I just like the look of it. ;)
  15. Thanks once again. I've now purchased Pocket Tunes and am impressed so far, particularly by the hardware button friendly menu system. One final question, if I may (!!): Do you know if it is possible to map the music launch function on the HTC Home Plugin to open Pocket Tunes rather than WMP or Audio Manager? I know to change mapping from WMP to Audio Manager you just change HKLM->Software->HTC->Music PlugIn from 1 to 2 but is there a way of changing it to Pocket Tunes? Thanks for all your help. KC
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