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  1. hi folks, ive completed a trial pay for an ad free sub but i think paul is away at the moment so hasnt had a chance to upgrade my account, its been over 24 hours (in my impatient desire to get the rom i want an eternity :P ) Could some kind sole bake me a rom with my requirements and put it in a drop box for me? Let me know if you can and ill pm the options id like Thank you
  2. First off great job, love the vanilla rom Just as an FYI i have also had the same exchange issues on the vanilla pre bake, so i uninstalled the two email pks and reinstalled and that fixed that issue, however the second issue is that the calendar doesnt pick up the exchange calendar which is a big issue for me personally, it seems to have affected other AOSP roms aswell for what i can see?
  3. Cyrusir

    Where is Paul?

    or maybe he is just waiting for a 'proper' hero 2.1 build why bother messing around with roms that are missing features or not working in some way
  4. Cyrusir

    Alarm issues?

    nope apart from the inbuilt task killer in mcr3.2
  5. Cyrusir

    Alarm issues?

    i have an app that makes the phone silent between 10pm and 6 am but ive had that for ages
  6. Cyrusir

    Alarm issues?

    Folks i have a very odd issue with my alarm, Im running modaco 3.2. Anywho this has only started in the past week or so and i cant remember what i did to cause it. Anyway, if i set my alarm at night, by the time its due to go off in the morning, the screen flashes and the alarm is going off but there is no sound (alarm vol up to max). Anyway it seems the issue is that the alarm sound goes from light to file not recognised? Then if i set a test alarm in the morning it works and if i set one say at 9am it will go off at 5.30pm, but not when i set it at night to go off in the morning? WTF is up!! also when i look to select an alarm tone it has two of each all the time, i.e there are two the same light tones? any ideas TIA
  7. Folks quick query on the htc music player, it seems to take every music file on my sd card into the library so i have all the message sounds boot sounds etc, is there any way to point it to a specific mp3 folder instead? cheers
  8. answer is that the files need to be .wav type :)
  9. Hi guys having a little issue with SPB, in that the only tones i seem to be able to use for the alarm are wierd phone noises like engaged tones or start up tones is there any way to select mp3s or any other type of tone?
  10. hi, it was actually set to connect to gprs by default and not 3g thats why all that happened, fixed now! 3g all the way :)
  11. just found the answer on one of the threads on here :rolleyes: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...ia-diagnostics/ when i checked my omnia was set to connect to gprs not 3g, changed that no more roaming and no more slow net! thanks modaco!
  12. guys i am using an unlocked uk vodafone omnia with a fresh rom install. im living in ireland on the 3 network. a few things, a) net speeds seem a little low, im concerned its connecting to gprs not 3g altho hsdpa is switched on, how can i verify this? :rolleyes: it shows the roaming icon a lot??? also is it possible to get a weather plugin for the today 2 screen or is spb or manila the only way? thanks a lot
  13. the xda dev site is a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated, is there a consensus on the 'best' rom, i had heard duttys was good? I got an unused mda4 from ebay for £220 delivered to my door.
  14. Been flipping a coin between the omnia and the diamond for a few weeks now, but last night i got a cracking deal on an mda4 so ive decided to give it a go, i can always move it on if ive made the wrong decision ;) Anyway, it needs unlocking, i think im ok with what i need to do there. Then ill need to flash the rom, again ive got a guide so im just wondering if there is a consensus on what radio and what rom is best to use? Itll be mostly used for phoning and texting, a little wireless and a little gps, wouldnt be a heavy user generally. Thanks all
  15. dunno if i can deal with the battery life, ruined the original n95 for me, maybe ill just wait on the omnia to drop a little ;)
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