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  1. I'll fill one out for you, i have tried to use these schemes in the past but never get enough referals. Best o luck.
  2. pwest13


    I agree, every leader in the world would have been called insane by someone.
  3. Well im perplexed. I itried to wroking it out mathematically and hit a wall. It's not something trivial like days in a month or something? Let me know when you find out please!
  4. Give me Deal or no Deal over Flog It anyday.
  5. I caught Jade on 'This Morning' this morning, (funnily enough) and it was cringeworthy. Sounded like a broken record too me. I didn't actually see the footage but the way i was told was: Bro: Hear about what happened to Jade? Me: No? Bro: Shs being accused of being racist on CBB. Me: Why? Bro: She called an indian women a poppadom. Its not really the same as the big brother version i guess... But still i agree with Genaldar in terms of it being a comical subject, its only focusing on a certain aspect of a character isn't it? Like i used to be called 'FA Cup' for having large ears as a child, (i can hear the lols) I used to reply with a similiar insult and these people turned out to be some of my best mates. Its both a funny and touchy subject i think!
  6. I share Samsonites view Jade did make a comment that when spoken to the masses is blatently going to cause trouble. I didn't watch the show and when i heard what Jade said a laugh escaped me. I'm now not sure what this means? As if this is a racist remark does that make me racist :S Did anyone else find it funny?
  7. I know Big Brother is something which alot of people don't approve or care for but every forum in the world has this question but MoDaCo so i thought i would post it! Did Jade utter a racial remark or idiotic insult? Does it even matter if she mean't it, just the fact she said it? IF your unsure what i am talking about just google shilpa poppadom. My view is that there seems to be a blurred line to what is racism. Any comment can cause someone distress, such as the french being reffered to as frogs (no offence) us english as limeys. I think its all aboout how we accept these comments, I can laugh them off and choose to as i feel its the best way. I think Jade is guilty of bullying not racism, alongside the blond from S-CLub 7, and Danielle. I can't believe the blond (i think her name is joe) acted this way on BB as i distinctly remember watching a show in which she explained she was victimised and bullied as a child and explained to children not to bully. Erm? The words 'paint', 'kettle' and 'black' spring to mind! Discuss :)
  8. Well if he was a scammer he already knew everything about me, i didnt really tell him anything he didnt already know.
  9. No news and my phone still works, im happy for it to stay that way! :)
  10. Cheers Chucky thats very generous, but i hope it wont have to come to that! Yes it was a c550, i used to have the c500 so stayed with the family. I have given Orange enough dosh every month IMHO for them to keep my account going. No news yet!
  11. The plot thickens... Just recieved an e-mail from another e-bayer who bought a phone of this theif, he told me his phone was without notice just switched off. Im not sure where this leaves me, mine isn't barred...yet. I just wondered, my simcard is years old i didn't buy it with the phone so surely Orange couldn't bar my sim card?
  12. It looks like my old calculator, but with less buttons :)
  13. A helpful member on this site who works for Orange checked the caller out and he is legit so i sent him the information required. I asaked to be kept upto date with what happens just to finish the story and make sure no popcorn is wasted.
  14. Two totally different views there! I'm not going to inform the fuzz as noone has done anything wrong in my eyes, just accusations of scams or infact a theft? I won't call him again as he will get back to me if he really needs the information in which i can share my concerns then. I have asked Orange to call me if any changes apply to my account or there is a threat of termination. I mean i have given Orange all the information about the caller adn email addresses so I don't see what else i should/could do?
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