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  1. I have had this happen several times since owning my G1. It has happened randomly ever since I got it, but so randomly I feel like I am nuts. It just happened again, for sure, on an email I was writing a HUGE reply to. I got a call while writing the reply, finished the call and even went back to the email where it was saved as a draft, after the call finished. Hit send, waited 2-3 seconds, an dthen pressed the hangup button to sleep it, and put it away. Now I get home, and no email. Searched for it by label and recipients name, no luck. Next, to the computer to find it with the browser client. no luck. Not in deleted items. Not in sent items, not in deleted, not in spam, not anywhere. Searched by recipients email address, name....nothing. So I thought I would look into it and I found this thread with the usual "check your spam folder" type messages, and just wanna let anyone know thats it happens and it sucks. This is my second G!, as the first fritzed out (camera app started to force close and not run one day, even after several rom reflashes and finally reflashing the earliest tmobile rom and reupdating it, thus "unrooting" it )and I got a warranty replacement. My first one I ran some different roms on (finally settled on cyanogen or whatever!) but this one I have left tmobile vanilla. And its done it throughout. BUT its been an awesome phone otherwise! Back to rewrite an email! *update* I check my deleted items folder but not my "Trash" folder. What the hell the difference it, I dont know. So I found the original message there and moved it to the inbox but my reply is still gone.
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