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  1. Hi, Have a new SPV M600 PPC, and want to get an SD card for it. Will standard SD card work with this phone? (IE: SanDisk or Kingston etc)? Bit confused about some of the info on some websites about this! Steve
  2. Answered my own question.. Apparently the version of JEYO that I have works on PPC too... http://www.jeyo.com/extender.asp
  3. Hi, I have an SPV M600 and was wondering if there are any tools for sending SMS messages from a PC via the phone, a bit like the old JEYO sender for the Smartphone. Cheers, Steve
  4. Hi, I am not even certain I am getting that far. The Wireless Lan settings show "Connecting" I would expect it to say "Connected" at least. And I do not get an IP Address.
  5. Hi, I have just got my new SPV M600. I am trying to connect it to the internet using my wireless router and the inbuilt Wifi on the phone. I can enable the wifi, then discover my network. I am using WPA-PSK (TKIP) with a passphrase. I can connect my home PC and laptop through this fine. In the phone, I go to Start|Settings|Connections|Network Cards In the list of networks I see my home network. I select it, and go to the Network Key tab. Set authentication to "WPA-PSK", Data encryption to TKIP and then enter my passphrase. This all seems to work because if I set the wrong phrase I get an error message telling me so... So I enter the good passphrase and press OK Now in the list it says my network, and "Connecting" only. Go to Start|Settings|Connections|Wireless LAN This page shows: Current Configuration SSID: My Network Mode: Infrastructure BSSIS: some numbers here TX Rate: Auto Channel: 6 Advanced Tab: Status = "Connecting to Network" <-- This is as far as I ever get! MAC= some numbers.. IP = Now, my wirelss router acknowledges that the phone is connected and shows it in th econnected list. So why am I not getting an IP address and why is it not connecting properly? please help, this is a bit annoying! Steve
  6. Hi, I am currently with Orange and have an SPV C550. My contract has just expired and it is time to upgrade and get a new contract. I have had the SPV C550 for 18 months now, and although this phone is OK, it is not great... The camera sucks, it is very slow in general and is quite buggy. There are also lots of annoying nuances that get on my nips a bit. I have had a look on the orange upgrade site and noticed that there isn't much choice by way of upgrades now (Especially for the SPV range). I am not really interested in the PDA style phones as they are quite big and I know I'll have the screen scratched up in 5 minute flat, although I have not ruled one out totally. So, what I am looking for is some advice from the gurus here on what phones are available that will match the following preferences: 1. Sync contact sand calendar with outlook - MUST HAVE - Even if requires a 3rd party tool 2. Fairly decent camera 3. Play Mp3s (and also use them as ringtones) 4. Ability to send a text message to a pre-defined group (I cannot believe the SPV cannot do this still!) 5. download / read POP3 email 6. Browse the internet. some friends have pointed me towards the Nokia N73 and the SE W850i, but as far as I am aware these are not smartphones.. not that this is an issue... I look forward to your advice! Steve
  7. When you take a photo, you get a pop up asking "Do you want to do something with this photo", and new menu option on the soft key "not now" If you select yes, you get a new Photography page where you can "Send to a friend", "Send to online album", "Dont ask me again" Whoop-de-doo
  8. Not that I can tell. All apps seem to run OK. Nothing seems to have changed really. I am wondering if this SMS; http://www.orange-update.com/;3341;8661;88...P8q4/zHbzRR316v Needs to be read into my phone some how. If I follow the url is does nothing. Steve
  9. I did the update, then you get an SMS form "3341" with the following text : http://www.orange-update.com/;3341;8661;88...P8q4/zHbzRR316v Not a clue what to do next. Have tried browsing to the link.. Nothing. Tried rebooting the phone.. Not alot seems to have changed. System|About reads: Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Version 4.21.1088 (Build 15159.2.6.4) Radio Version 140.299.14_0.11.10 ROM update versions: Operator Manufacturer Microsoft 4.21.15159.0 Language File System 4.21.15159.0 Any help to anyone?
  10. Hi I just had the same message. I am being bold and downloading to see what happens... I am due an upgrade from Orange anyway so if it screws my Phone I am not in too much trouble. Will post back Steve
  11. Hi, Orange contacted me the other day with an offer to upgrade my C550 to what ever I wanted (within reason). Now, I am a bit unsure as to how the current batch of phones stand up right now, so I am after your advice here... I see there is a C600 out and an M600. From the orange site it appears that the C600 is not that much different to the C550. Actually it was the same when I went from the C500 to this C550, not really much difference and all the bad things were still left in. As for the M600, haven't got a clue what that is like but notice it a bit bigger than the C550. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Steve
  12. Hi, I am about to receive a new SPV C600 and was wondering what GPS modules there are that work with the C600? And where I could get one from... Also, what is the general nod for Sat Nav applications on the SmartPhone? Cheers, Steve
  13. Hi, The past two days I have received a one ring call (ie: ring once then hang up) from this number: 00905432969483 Not sure where 009 originates from but it certainly is not a UK number. **edit** I have found out that 90 is the international code for Turkey. I definitely know no one there! **/edit** Also, this number has sent some text messages with the following details: "Hi Viv r u ok.Im so sad! My heart so hurting!Imissed to my julie.Why she left me?I cant live without her!. Whatll I do now?Please help me I lover her so much" The other is: "Julie doesnt text me anymore! Iwas believe her!we love each other but why she left?I can live with her anywhereViv, I need her!I was think well mary in future" Both of these messages are clearly written by someone with absolutely no grasp of english. My name is not viv by the way! Is there a way of tracking the telephone number? I suspect if I call it or text it I'll be charged some phenominal rate! Watch out guys! Steve
  14. BetaPlayer? All I have is WMP, FirePlayer and that rather useless music player that downloads stuff.. which of them did you mean?
  15. Hi, I have noticed that my ringtones, and even normal sounds (tunes) are played back at levels that vary. I have my ringer set to 4, but when my phone rings, some times it is dead quiet othertimes it is load as it should be. The same for playing sounds. If I play say a wav file through the media player, with volume set to 100%, it doesn't seem that loud compared to how loud a ringtone can play. Lastly, when setting the ringtones, you can have the option to play them. The playback for these is almost silent on my phone. The phone is brand new (1 week old).. Is there a setting I can make for this or is it an inherent bug. Steve
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