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  1. As spottet on icoin.com.cn there is an rom for the i300 the roms are in an diffrent path as linked on icoicn, you have to search a bit. is that really posible? or have i to flash i300x software to i300? and now: Now, here's the way you move: power off your phone, and take off the accu. then, connect it to pc by normal usb cabel Then, Press the red telephon button and the back butten together, now, your windows should find drivers. Then load up Flash Programm pdaflash and download every file to phone (by starting with smartpon end ENDING with chain! so its realy important to do this like that! After EVERY File you have to press the 2 buttons again when you are at the end, you can place the accu, and hardrest (zero and on button, password 1234) the i300 then you got the new rom!
  2. DingsDaT

    Flashing the i300?

    search with the name in google and you will find it two by the way, found out that the o2 software ist the aculy top of stand software for i300
  3. DingsDaT

    i300 Processor Speed

    Yes your right - it got its ups and downs! But see: i buyed one for 150 bucks, plus BT Headset Stereo So i got 3 GB Memorey (plus 512 mb for 13 euros) Got an BT Stereo Headset witch is working perfectly The XDA Phone, with WM5 is inactably for me, because no wirless lan for that price, i got no money for extra 2 GB Sd Card, also the 4 GB Sd card is not compatible to 100 % (and not in selling) with 2 accus, i got well good around one or two days, and when you not stock in outland, you could recharge the phone - well for 150 bucks a good smartphone, with bugs. But Not only bugs!
  4. DingsDaT

    i300 Processor Speed

    youre right, i also think, its not realy quiker than the others!
  5. DingsDaT

    Flashing the i300?

    Hey you! Coud you please give me help by flashing the samsung i300 by the standart USB Cables? I want to upgrade my i300 (to I300XXEK3, if you know a newer and better rom, please tell) and i don't have money for an speical Cable I already read, that this is possible - but not - how, so can you tell me about? Thanks and Cheers, Timm
  6. DingsDaT

    Turning on/off the HDD

    This is an very interesting question!
  7. Is there any Emulator in Qvga and WM5 comaptible out there? So that its working on my Qtek 8310?
  8. Is the english Language inclouded in this ROM`Update? Or is it only chinese ?
  9. hey you! I know you have enough work with the smartphone version but - would you like to port it to ppc? :)
  10. what about an backlight fix :?
  11. right, not working on the 8390!
  12. also for those with mitacs that got problem try running program with "nogapi" option! you did it oryou goning to do it?
  13. games that work good: Yeti sports 1 Rayman 3 Prince of persia
  14. yes i tried, but nothing happens if you start it!

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