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  1. Those are good links Btw rook a look at the changes in kernel 3.0.8 It seems like both 2.6 and 3.0 regulators are used. I would prefer tot only use kernel 3.0 regulators. Using both is ineffecient andere I doubt it will ever work smooth. I took a start rework it. Will continue end this week as it uses excessive mobile data on roaming. See https://github.com/erikcas/spica-3,0
  2. Forked tom3q's spica sources and applied ipaqs initial changes to it. See https://github.com/erikcas/spica-3.0/tree/test Tom3q's changes are more recent (3.0.72) As I work remote from tab to my server now, I am not able to download your sources and merge them into it. I would need a link that allows me to "wget" it to my server. Shame, would be nice to look @ this at night when children are asleep on my holidays. As said, back home next week, that gives me opportunity to take a closer look as I can download sources locally. Think you guys are doing a good job :-)!!
  3. Not sure if it is used at all for now :-) Are the sources based on tom3q's kernel from github?
  4. Yes, you might be right. It has been a while since I worked on this. Over a year or something. If I remember well, a board_revision is used in the driver? If yes, is the board_revision implemented correctly from 2.6.32 in the kernel If not, ignore my question :-)
  5. If you are able to, can you upload them? I cannot test as I would have tot rebuild the kernel slightly modified (I have a B7610). No hurry, on vacation for another week :-) Maybe I rework from scratch. Ts and keyboard are initialized. Did you port them from 2.6.32 or are they build from vanilla source? Maybe enable debugging for ts and keyboard driver and repost dmesg?
  6. @dni, do you have tour kernelsources online somewhere, i.e. github? And can you post a dmesg for your boot? I think if you can make 3.0.8 fully boot, fimg can work without (much) rework.
  7. please start logcat, then make call, then send the logcat. Need the logcat during phonecall, or during playing media or something. :D
  8. I see no logging for audio :-( did you try to use it? I do see a problem with the egl driver.... This week, will try to compile a fresh gb from source, for that I have to reconstruct device sources, using spica as base. Will see if I can find an el cheapo i8000 from ebay or something to test. If not will need a test user. For this I will use the kernel from almar and sandor as I know they are working, for wifi.
  9. Like I said, I could be wrong :) but been away from this for a while. Fact is the kernel from Sandor (one of the early devs on i8000) is I did some suggestions past week, to help to get some things working. Did anyone try?
  10. the ipaq kernel and the original omnia kernel 2.6.32 are also as far as I can remember, the twister thing was someone from jetdroid popping in, dropping a not fully working-kernel, and left again, doing a bunch of thing at the same time (I could be wrong)
  11. so audio is working now? For superuser, try this: open the ext4 with ubuntu, the su binary in system/xbin, so /system/xbin/su. Chmod it to 0455. Also check if there is a symlink in system/bin/su to /system/xbin/su present Phone / wifi install alogcat from market and post logcats made with it when using phone / wifi (better said: attempting to use)
  12. no sound could be a permissions issue. Can someone do next: 1. Start a media player or phonecall 2. Connect to phonewith usb and start adb shell 3. In adb shell, type following command: strace -f mediaserver 4. Copy and paste output to pastebin.com and post link here Also (will check myself later) are there any links to sources used for this rom? Both kernel- and androidsources. Kernel must have sources as it is under gpl regulation. Edit: typo... mediaplayer should be mediaserver
  13. this is a starting point: https://github.com/omnia2droid/Android it contains a manifest containing all sources needed to build froyo What is not there is device specific sources. We can reconstruct them from spica device sources edit: ah found my manifest for gingerbread, which worked: http://pastebin.com/V9xRHCwj the devicesources are not on my github anymore :( but I will try to reconstruct this weekend for I8000 What I need is (sorry for being lazy) a link to a working image for I8000 to make a working image for I8000. It is too long ago to refigure that, so I want to implement it over a working froyo image to test it. Please do keep in mind I have no hardware to test myself!
  14. I had gb running on b7610. Will check if I can recover any of the sources for it. These could easily be adapted to i8000
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