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  1. Just completed the install and setup. So far everything is looking good :D
  2. You can go to: Settings > About > Hardware Information. Should say Tegra 3 or whatever.
  3. Kaka

    Theme Help

    Hey people, Wonder if anyone can help. I just baked and installed an MCR-R10 rom. I would like to add Espresso mod. But i'm not a fan of the Blue circle battery mod. I do however love the silver one. So my question is. Can i merge the two from the zips? I have both the standard espresso and the Silver espresso one posted here by FatherD. Can i copy items from the silver mod into espresso and then flash it? Or if anyone knows of a premade one i can use to give me the above it would be better. Thanks Kaka
  4. I would try changing the channels on the router. Worked for me. Had 6. Very congested. Upped it to 11. Perfect now.
  5. Will try and upload the apk later. Can't on 3g at the minute.
  6. Not very clear i agree. When you connect like this it is "Mounting" your SD Card and allowing the PC to see it. Like simply plugging in a USB Key to your PC. But yes the description could be clearer.
  7. I loaded the page on my desire. Downloaded it directly to my phone. No charge.
  8. Something like GOTSent? Clicky.........
  9. I just flashed this to my phone. R9 with Espresso/Transparent bar. Looks sweet. Thanks for your efforts m8.
  10. I had the same issue. Wipe and a fresh flash solved it for me.
  11. Have you selected PAP authentication? I had to pick that to get mine working.
  12. Anyone else have trouble Skipping/Pausing Music via the HTC headset Buttons? I can no longer do it since flashing 3.1. Tried a few different media players to make sure.
  13. Yes I get the same. Would like it solved. But it doesnt really bother me.
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