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  1. Microsoft

    Paul (P)Reviews the HTC S710 'Vox'

    could you host fulll resolution of those pictures in the review?
  2. Microsoft

    Paul (P)Reviews the HTC S710 'Vox'

    thank you for doing this =) Lovly!
  3. offtopic, when is the 730 relase?
  4. I can't understand why this is so usefull? Why capture a cover?! It is standing what movie it is, no need to search a database to figureout! Make a track ID rip off instade! It is much more usefull imo.
  5. Not really, i just thought it was cool to grab the name when i registred! But now, how to change name? Hurry up with thoes high res! =)
  6. Lovly video! Edit: How about some high res photos of the vox? Does it feel any bulky? Any cons so far?
  7. Microsoft

    Ask me about SMARTPHONES!

    please some more pictures of the vox!
  8. Microsoft

    Happy Birthday Microsoft!

    Dear Microsoft\n\n Happy Birthday!\n\n 16 eh? ;-)\n\n How about some famous events on this date in history...\n\n http://www.historychannel.com/today/\n\n Today were born:\n\n http://www.famousbirthdays.com/today.cgi\n\n Have a great day! ;)\n\n P This dropped in my mail a few days ago :P I had forgot my account on madoco! It feelt like a little chock: Microsoft birthday? whaat?
  9. I will be w8ting for Jam 2 :)
  10. Microsoft

    Official C550 Press Release

    A camrea integrated in the box???!
  11. Does C550 have Wlan :??:
  12. Microsoft

    Orange SPV M500 Released!

    This is a JAM, right? Not a JAM2?!
  13. Microsoft

    Review: Chainpus Bluetooth Gamepad

    Okay.. i have got PSP and why would i buy that s***? I mean there is no really good games out for WM2005 cept for worms ;p
  14. Microsoft

    Cutting through the C550 rumours...

    HTC, PLEASE STOP MAKE C500 CLONES! I dont want 200 Mhz for the rest of my life ;)

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