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  1. The digitizer, the desire and nexus used the shitty series of touch panels. Everything after that was proper digitizer hardware, but since this is essentially a rebadged HD2 I'm wonder if they skimped on the digitizer.
  2. When are you gonna send it to me? =P Multi point digitizer or the old 2000 series digitizer? Say the former, say the former, say the former....
  3. Nexus digitizer is only two points. It is an issue, but unfortunately there is and never will be "fix" for it.
  4. It's a possibility. 95
  5. As soon as a release is cut for consumption the next line begins release development. Meanwhile the iteration after that one is underway as well as experimental.
  6. The update is just gonna be a picture of a desire literally on a nexus.
  7. We'll probably see a 2.2 sense dump before another 2.1 sense beta.
  8. That just means FRF72 is being used, not that it's being released.
  9. Why would you take out spare parts? Many of the features that are unique to CM are set from there.
  10. So dive in feet first! You said it yourself, the kernel is out. It's only fair.
  11. I heard he's holding out until people pay up$$$ I kid I kid. He's got alot of other stuff happenening with new devices being released. Look at this twitter, he's been rooting numerous devices left and right. He was at HTC recently, remember? I wouldn't be surprised if he found out they are already underway with sense 2.2 (supposed to be coming soon to some devices), and he's decided to post pone until then.
  12. Neither, he's obviously abandoned both. =D
  13. Radio wise, does it have the one from the leak? I see a radio option in the kitchen, is that the latest radio out?
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