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  1. Is there any way to improve the brightness of night shots with the Diamond2? It comes out really dark and increasing the brightness setting doesn't help. The Omnia gives much brighter results without the flash. Any tips?
  2. I had this problem for ages and have just found a sort of fix or workaround. This problem (My Storage getting hidden from the device after unplugging it from the PC) happened on my Omnia only when the phone was in USB mode (not ActiveSync). USB mode gave a much faster throughput than ActiveSync, which was my reason for using it. But, when I unplugged the USB cable from the Omnia (whether I 'safely remove hardware' or not), My Storage sometimes never reappeared on the device. The ONLY way to bring it back was to soft reset. Now, I have found something that seems to work for me but needs further testing. If you put your device into ActiveSync mode (Start > Settings > Connections tab > USB Connection Mode), and enable Advanced networking fuctionality (Start > Settings > Connections tab > USB to PC and check the box and press OK), my file transfers through this method of ActiveSync seems quite (not as slow as without advanced networking off)! It needs more testing. With Advanced networking fuctionality unchecked, ActiveSync transfers are unbareablely slow! Can any one else who has problems with My Storage completely disappearing after unplugging from the PC confirm if my method above gives transfer speeds closer to USB mode? It seems to for me. By the way, if you're going to compare tranfer times between USB mode and ActiveSync with advanced networking functionality, don't use the Omnia's stopwatch! It slows down the ActiveSync transfer. EDIT: Results of my benchmark These were my results for an 80 MB AVI file transfer: ActiveSync with advanced networking unchecked (from Omnia to PC): 1m 50s ActiveSync with advanced networking unchecked (from PC to Omnia): Couldn't be bothered waiting! ActiveSync with advanced networking checked (from Omnia to PC): 0m 36s ActiveSync with advanced networking checked (from PC to Omnia): 0m 31s USB mode (from Omnia to PC): 0m 17s USB mode (from PC to Omnia): 0m 22s From my results we can see plain USB transfer mode is double the speed of ActiveSync with advanced networking mode on. But, ActiveSync without the advanced option is horribly slow. I think I can bare slightly slower speed of AS with advanced option on compared to putting it in USB mode and risking My Storage to disappear again and waste more time restarting the Omnia.
  3. Experiencing the same issue. My Omnia is set to USB mass storage mode. I can play videos on it fine. But most of the time, after unplugging the cable from the PC (and even doing a safe remove from Windows), My Storage does not reappear on the device. I have to reset the Omnia to get it showing in File Explorer again. Happens daily. I've found no way to fix this. Could there be a registry setting on the Omnia to force it to re-display My Storage in File Explorer after its disconnected from the PC? Or, does anyone know a way to get really fast transfer speeds when the phone is in ActiveSync mode?
  4. When I first got my Omnia back from the repair centre it came with the new official MSHJ1 update. I had to send it back for a different issue and when I got it back this time, it came with MSHHC. I can't figure out any info on this ROM? Is it newer than MSHJ1 but has yet to be placed on their new update site? From the ROM naming scheme, I think MSHJ1 was October 2008. I can't workout what this new MSHHC is.
  5. Is there a way to check the before and after camera versions?
  6. Here's another reason that contradicts the salesperson's response. If you go to the UK Omnia page here and let the flash video at the top finish, a button appears saying Upgrade Your Omnia, and it takes you straight to the new website with the UK update: http://uk.samsungmobile.com/mobile/SGH-i900
  7. Is there any way to tell which network an Omnia is locked to if it has no branding in the menus or the box?
  8. That is correct, this is definately a UK update. My unbranded Omnia from the UK repair centre waited specifically for this UK update to be releasedso that they could send me the phone with this update rather than just repair it with the same old version. The XX version refers to the original UK update for unbranded Omnia's. There's a version naming scheme topic somewhere in this forum which identifies this update as UK October 2008.
  9. Mine was an unbranded one from eBay. It came with version MSHG1 and this update worked on two of mine flawlessly.
  10. After getting my Omnia back from repair, the repair sheet says it has had a replaced ic/pa/filter and mainboard. What is that ic/pa/filter for?
  11. My Omnia is the original Samsung retail Omnia (not branded). I have just performed the update on my 2nd Omnia and it went flawlessly on Windows Vista. So if your Omnia is currently version MSHG1, then this new update should work for you provided you have an original non-branded Omnia. Not sure if other versions you enter are accepted so if it accepts your version then it should be updatable. The new ROM has a more sensitive screen response, the keyboard loads quicker and is faster to type on. The camera finally gave me a brighter image and I don't get that dark halo around the edges of my photos when taken with a flash in the dark like I used to on the old version. The clock settings page has a new alarm, memorial day and stopwatch feature with a smooth reflection animation. It also shows multiple world times if you want them dispayed. There are also 2 new programs that weren't in my old ROM: Rich Internet and Handango. Haven't tried them yet, still need to configure my Wi-Fi security on it. So far, a much better update to the poor experience I was having before. BTW I have 2 Omnia's (might sell one). One I got back from Samsung Repair Centre and it came back after 3-4 weeks. I think they were waiting for this new ROM before sending it back to me, so that at least I'd have a new version after repair. On my 2nd Omnia, I have performed the above UK update on Vista, and it went perfectly, and is the same new version as the one I got back from the repair centre.
  12. Could be a risky update if you try to update a branded Omnia. When I entered my old original Omnia version number (MSHG1), it accepted it says something about this new update should only be installed on the version you entered and not any other.
  13. OFFICIAL UK ROM HAS BEEN RELEASED!! See my thread here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-h...leased-at-last/
  14. Remember that Samsung Promotion website with official updates but no UK update (http://www.samsungmobile.com/promotion/omnia/index.jsp)? Well, it doesn't contain the new UK update, but a very similar website does have it!: http://samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp. When you go to the site and pick the UK ROM, it will ask you for your current ROM version. I entered MSHG1 as that was the first and only official UK ROM since th Omnia was released. It then takes you to the update page. The UK one on that page is version MSHJ1. It has to be the new one because I got my Omnia back from the repair centre a few days ago and it came with the new XXHJ4/MSHJ1 ROM on it with a few new features. I made a thread about that too over here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-omnia-r...the-new-uk-rom/ So I am pretty sure the one on their site is finally the new UK ROM!!
  15. Found some more new features! If you go to Clock options, you see a new interface for displaying multiple world times and a stopwatch feature. It's very smooth, and whn you start the stopwatch you see a reflection below it as the numbers are counting. The alarm settings is based on a nice big Samsung menu. And there's a Memorial Day section where you can set birthdays or whatever.
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