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  1. Paul, what do we do about the update that Facebook said at today's press conference would come out today?
  2. Paul, Facebook today forced an update to messenger outside the Play store which adds SMS.
  3. Try disabling built in FB using Settings >Apps>Facebook
  4. No Facebook do not support this. Then again they did not support running facebook home aat all on those devices and paul fixed that! ;-)
  5. Hi Paul, SMS is definitely not working in your version. Hope you can fix. Thanks in advance.
  6. Everyone with problems with SMS, install the Play Store messenger instead. Works fine with Paul's other two apps. Sadly chat heads seems broken on either version. Paul?
  7. Just use the market version. Works fine with Paul's other two apps.
  8. Now if you could get notifications working for all apps like the HTC First exclusively allows?... :wub:
  9. Seems to work on nexus 4! I had to reinstall your home apk twice for some reason that's all. Thanks Paul! This screen is a thing of the past.
  10. Very excited to get this working on an unrooted Nexus 4. How long until we should we check back? Can't wait!
  11. Well i am getting used to the new look. But I'd like to keep the stock launcher, given all its enhancements n that. An icon spacing tweak in Paul's kitchen shouldn't be too tricky?
  12. I'm really hoping someone can post a single zip file here that we can flash onto a stock Google ROM (just rooted) that will 'just work'! ;)
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