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  1. Was browsing orange last night and saw the htc tytn11 was now there for a free upgrade (sure it was £90 a few days ago!) Time to say goodby to the m3100.... :(
  2. Hi all, going to be making a few trips to the USA over the next few months, and would like to use my mobile there (spv m3100) whats going to be the cheapest way? just using the roaming on my orange contract, or would I be better off buying a UK PAYG simcard from another network, or buying a USA PAYG simcard? Not as important but one with cheap internet access would be good to, which I think would need a USA PAYG simcard to make it affordable? Whats the best way to do this?
  3. Well after flashing to a WM6 and the 1.50 radio I now receive hsdpa when I'm at work in north Leeds (LS17) just got home and there doesnt seam to be any here yet :) (LS6)
  4. Will this include the sending & receiving of email via pop/smtp and/or imap, or will that not be covered within the bundle?
  5. just to add a update, the police arrested the character they belived responsible, and due to lack of evidence was released without charge... (my best mate is in the police, in a different police force, and he told me in most cases it is the norm unfortunatly) fingers crossed the phone may show up for sale somewere, but unless the buyer suspects anythign the chances are slim my household insurance is paying up eitherway, so its only cost the the excess, dont think ill replace the iPod though, may use the ££ along with soem savings and get a 20" lcd
  6. my girlfriend will be able to check that for me, works in a pr office and gets copies of all the newspapers, (and she gets the job to read them all!)
  7. on my doorstep - my road is off monk bridge road (runs betwen shaw lane - meanwood road, so good old LS6 the officer from robbey squad seamed to think the robber was from the woodhouse area there was a couple of similar attacks in the hyde park area teh same night 30 mins after i was done
  8. Cheers never even thought of that, i pop by leeds on the way to get teh train to work so ill drop off the details to them all never knew richer sounds took secodn hand gear though, is the cash converters walking distance from city centre? (CEX is on albian street :) )
  9. there were no majour noticable scratchs marks etc the phones imea was 356134000060076 ipod sn 4j512ay8ps9 on the phone was a fair few photos stored on both the phones memory and memery card, some of which can be found on http://www.jonsimmonds.co.uk/wp-gallery2.php on the ipod just under 20gbs of trance music mostly from the 90's and 2000/01 (hate trance music after 2001) doubt it would do much good as prob allready sold for £10 for a quick fix etc but ya never know...
  10. Thought that would have been the case, part of it is my own fault for relying on the simcard pin only. hopefully when he saw it got blocked he just binned it as opposed to goign through it. is it quite easy if someone knows who to see to get teh imea unbarred then? need to find all my insurance papers now and get all that sorted, the joys!
  11. was robbed at knifepoint last night, good bye c550 and ipod rang orange after ringing the police, phone sim locked and imea has been barred will this mean that there is no acess to the phone at all, my contacts are on thre etc, the only level of security I had used was the sim pincode, not on the actual phone its self.
  12. my phones vibrator stoped working today (for calls/txt's as well as the vibrate when the phone turns on and off) not spoke to orange yet going to visit my local orange shop as the manager is very customer focused :o failing that ill get on the phone to CS (was used to that for my e200!) anyone else had this problem?
  13. So if MS partnered with orange to make a music mobile, why is the orange player defult player instead of windows media player, would have expected MS to want media player to be defult media player... either way why o why do they invest so much in the phone, then supply it with a rubbish set of earphones?
  14. orange shop told me to wait for aroung a month after release date for cases
  15. Had a similar problem when I first had my e200, one phonecall to orange CS and a replacement was sorted (I dont have orange care or owt, but the phone was only a month or 2 old, so think they replaced it because of that), then the same thing happened again, and it was replaced again.
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