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  1. hi mate, I got your message and from what your saying it seems a problem with the handheld and not the server. If you are getting a device policy down to the device (ie forcing you to set a password) then the comms with the server must be working. The only true way to prove it would be to try another wm5/6 device and go through the same procedure... Thats what I would do certainly. if you havent got another device, download the wm5 emulator from microsoft which is basically a pda on your pc.. make sure the pc isnt on the same network as your exchange server and give a direct outside connection to the internet and dont use the same connection that the exchange server uses... Also.. turn up logging on exchange and check the event log.. you never know.. but my money is on the device at fault, and not exchange. Cant help on why you arent getting the cert on your phone, if its a self sert from the server itself and Microsoft Certificate Authority, the phone may not allow/support them and you may need to buy one from a trusted provider. I went with www.godaddy.com as they are dirt cheap. best of luck Andy
  2. Hi all Been a little while since I've been on the board, glad to see its still booming well. I was due an upgrade from our dear friends at T-Mob so I took hold of the Ameo as a free upgrade after haggling and the fact my usuage and tariff is extremely high. They agreed to that (after initially saying the upgrade would cost £430, then £240, then £120.) I wasnt having any of it... Anyway.. Ameo arrived this morning.. had a little go with it, all usual features there, nice packaging too... Obviously you need a wired (included) headset or a bluetooth headset to make receive calls. Can anyone advise on a fully compatible BT headset (reg hacks or otherwise if applicable) that works with WM5 in the Ameo (or any device running WM5 I assume). I want to be able to make/receive calls and voice dial if poss all from the BT headset. To be honest I'm not sure if that is possible but it doesnt hurt to ask. I've googled around a bit and havent had much luck finding "WM5 Compatible Bluetooth headset" results. Thanks in advance.. Andy p.s I'm on T-mobile UK network with Flext50 inc Web n walk @ £52.50 pm.
  3. http://www.imei-check.co.uk/m3100unlock.php
  4. Mark To put it simply you need a piece of software called Microsoft Exchange 2003 (with Service pack 2). Now, you can either run this yourself from home, but you will require decentish hardware to run it on and it has to run (ideally) on Windows 2003 Server (standard or enterprise). Both these bits of software are very expensive for the average home user but you can download trials (180 days) of both. Alternatively you can use a combined copy called Windows 2003 Small Business Server which combines both products (plus others) in one neat package for ... you've guessed it... small businesses. The product retails at around
  5. Timano... Cheers. You are right in ISA 2006 but until I upgrade I prefer to offload my FBA "workload" on my firewall than directly onto my exchange server(s). But yes, direct push does indeed rock. A.
  6. Chaps, Indeed all is working well... Timiano, I am using FBA / ISA 2004 and all articles had been followed and adhered too.. In the end I just deleted all the IIS folders (backed up database first) and then reset them all again and ran 817379 once more and rebooted.. All started working after that... Cheers for everyones help. A.
  7. Jim, I think I may be heading along those lines to be honest.... I actually met up with 'randomelements' early today to discuss (and see his Vario II) as we both work in Canary Wharf... its bizarre to say the least and I think I'm heading that direction... Mark... yes, you are correct in both respects. I'm actually running ISA 2004 and I have checked the MS articles relating to SSL timeouts etc but that again doesnt appear to be working. I do have a spare ADSL router/hardware firewall, so I'm thinking of configuring that up for my internet access and testing it through that to rule out my ISA 2004 server. Question is... what do I do first.... More food for thought... Thanks again for everyones assistance in this. Andy
  8. Currently in Barclays HQ next to 1 Canada Place..... you? (freaky!)
  9. Me too.. nothing this morning near gatwick.. started working on the train into london though.. in canary wharf now and working ok...
  10. Agreed, something would be cool like that.. what a macro of some form? Is there PPC software that can record macro's? (just thinking out loud...) A.
  11. You may find that may or may not work... I had problems even with my root cert.... I ended up buying a cert from www.godaddy.com called a "turbo SSL" cert for $19.99.... its trusted by www.valicert.com which is already trusted on the phone and works well... (if only I could get my directpush to work!) Andy
  12. try in the advanced settings in the modem properties on the laptop to add this "extra initialization command" (under the 'Advanced' tab) +CGDCONT=1,"IP","APN-NAME" Where APN-NAME is Oranges Access point name e.g for T-Mobile I use +CGDCONT=1,"IP","general.t-mobile.uk" Give that a whirl, remember do this on the modem in control panel on the laptop and not the phone Cheers Andy
  13. Ok.. further update as of midday - thursday... I decided to reboot the server (remotely as I'm at work).. so yeah.. I did that and it came back up fine... amazingly my phone started a sync by itself once the server rebooted... I was a little suprised but didnt assume it was fixed. So I've sent another test email to my activesync account and lo and behold.. no directpush... Its just sitting there saying "Synchronized: Today 11:55" (when it came back up from a reboot) Indeed I have looked at the registry keys, applied them (some) , restarted the IIS Admin service and tested, but still to no avail.... I havent tried this again since the reboot just now (as in adding the reg keys) but I think it maybe something I will try....) Colossusuk, while I agree that is a sensible approach I just dont want to go switching off the SSL to test it via port 80 when I know all other functions via SSL 443 are working fine. I admit however, that is push comes to shove, then that is what I'll do. I'm running out of options... fast A.
  14. Greyt, Indeed, If I sync the phone manually and send the email I get it on my phone. I've just done another now, from my work email to my home email (the activesync account) and I'm sitting here with the phone in my hands on the activesync screen begging for it to start a sync... but nothing... despite the 7am weird one... This is doing my nutt in... I need to methodically work through where it might be failing... I mean, does "Event ID 3025 - IP Based AUTO Initialised" get logged EVERY time the server does a directpush? or is it just once as it loads for the first time after a boot/reboot. I need to ascertain this so it doesnt send my on a wild goose chase... Cheers A.
  15. WEIRD UPDATE Ok... after posting that reply I checked my server event log , and at 7:07 am this morning I did get (for the first time as far as I can see) Event 3025 - IP Based AUTD Initialized Also, doing a netstat -ano from the command line returns showing UDP Port 2883 running which it didnt yesterday.... thing is... I havent done anything yet! That was the only time I got it though and I did receive a lot of email during the course of the night (as I always do)... ...its as if its 'sort of working' .... Darn....
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