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  1. Hi, I have a HTC-S620 - unlocked, somehow I do not have the option of choosing input method - for example: using word or notepad i cannot type in letters like QWER,ASDF,ZXCV - somehow it looks like I do not have the option 12#, xt9 text input mode, lower case or upper case. I tried to install the following: Excalibur_eT9_Lang_Pack_v1.cab MoDaCo_Shadow_XT9_Language_Pack_1.1.CAB MoDaCo_Vox_eT9_Language_Pack.cab s620_Lang_Pack_v1_2.cab if I want to input 'a' i get a 'space', 'w' is '.' and so on... each time I did not get to the option to choose the language option nor the phone automatically selects the appropriate input mode. I have WM6.1 STANDARD. This is my first smart phone - please help.
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