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  1. We will be looking at the games that we have reviewed over the year at out Windows Phone Games site : BestWP7Games.com , so here they are in no particular order . You will find our link to the review if you click on the name and link to the marketplace is marked with the price you pay for the game in USD. SquareOff ( Indie ) $1.99/Free Arcane’s Tower Defense ( Indie ) $1.99/Free Plants vs Zombies ( Xbox Live ) $4.99 Monster Stack ( Indie ) Free Orb ( Indie ) Free Praetor ( Indie ) $1.99 Harbor Master ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 Tanks ( Indie ) Free Infinite Flight ( Indie ) $4.99 Gravity Guy ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 PaperDash ( Indie ) Free Burn the Rope ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 AlphaJax ( Indie ) $2.99/Free Vanessa Saint-Pierre Delacroix And Her Nightmare ( Indie ) $0.99 Need for Speed Undercover ( Xbox Live ) $4.99 Redd Mobile ( Indie ) $0.99 NumberTap ( Indie ) Free Shuffle Party ( Xbox Live ) Free Alphabuzzle ( Indie ) Free Tentacles ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 Bubblo World ( Indie ) Free Solitaire ( Indie ) Free WordMix ( Indie ) Free Enigmo ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 ColorBlast ( Indie ) Free The Harvest ( Xbox Live ) $6.99 Tumbler ( Indie ) Free Next War ( Indie ) $2.99 Dungeon Stalker ( Indie ) $1.99 Hydro Thunder Go ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 Purity ( Indie ) Free Implode! ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 Pandas vs Ninjas ( Indie ) $2.99/Free SteamBirds ( Indie ) $1.99 Murphid ( Indie ) $0.99/Free Collapse ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 Big Gun Tower Defense ( Indie ) Free 3D Mahjong Solitaire ( Indie ) $0.99/Free Survival Craft ( Indie ) $2.99 Doodle God ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 Bouncy Mouse ( Indie ) $0.99 Crazy Ivan ( Indie ) Free Krashlander ( Indie ) $1.29/Free 3D PaperBall ( Indie ) Free Bike Mania ( Indie ) $0.99/Free Node.Hack ( Indie ) Free AngryBirds ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 LilDemonsSplatter ( Indie ) Free Jet Car Stunts ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 Orbital ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 BubbleBreak ( Indie ) $1.29 Plex ( Indie ) $0.99/Free Kinectimals ( Xbox Live ) $2.99 FastBall 2 ( Indie ) Free Zombies vs Aliens ( Indie ) $0.99/Free Spellship Tactics ( Indie ) $2.99 Shikaku Puzzle ( Indie ) Free Rooftop Rage ( Indie ) $1.49 TimeDancer Episode 2 ( Indie ) $1.29 Space Tube ( Indie ) $1.99 Monster UP ( Indie ) $1.29/Free Slice and Throw ( Indie ) Free Armored Drive ( Indie ) Free Shuriken Ninja ( Indie ) $1.29/Free Wordament ( Indie ) Free TapSplosion ( Indie ) $1.29/Free Technically not a game but something all gamers would love an emulator for windows phone that lest you play NES games !! vNESLight ( Indie ) Free So what did I miss ?
  2. This is a news reader app for Windows Phone 7 with all the news from 1800PocketPC.com - Windows Mobile 7 Apps & opinions of BestWP7Games.com - Windows Mobile 7 Games . Here you will find information on the latest applications and games. with Video Review of applications and games for WP7 If you like it please add a review on the Market Place. Thanks
  3. I think it will be more like based on the Zune Windows-Live-Messenger client that was just released. via 1800PocketPC
  4. Simple time-waster. Get a random “Jack Bauer” fact on your pocket pc. Over 4000 random facts from Jack Bauer Facts Requirements: Windows Mobile phone or pocket pc Compact Framework 2.0 Data connection An appreciation for Jack's awesomeness Video on Viddler Dev's Site : http://campusbbs.freehostia.com/doku.php?i...cket_jack_facts ( I am just a messenger , not the developer :) )
  5. Who says windows mobile cant be fun, have you guys the seen the number of free fun apps on Windows Mobile and more are being developed every day. This one is an app with huge potential it was a huge success on the iPhone app store by the name of iWobble now elAlem from xda-developers has put together an app called hdWobble which brings the “bouncy-bouncy” fun on to Windows Mobile. Features: suports VGA, QVGA, WQVGA and WVGA displays custom image loading (tested so far: jpeg, png, bmp) adding any number of round wobbling objects deleteing wobbling objects resizing wobbling objects vibration feedback when wobbling objects are pressed or dragged start wobbling using g-sensor, stylus, fingers… (v0.5.3446.13816), for now this version does NOT support saving of the current sceene nor loading it. Also there is no way to configure application. Not all features are implemented and you might find some bugs in the app. If you do plz report the error to the developer @ the developers site ( xda-developers ) or here using the comments. Currents To do List :<ol style="list-style-type: decimal;"> app configuration panel load previous work and save current work minor glitches and bugsDont forget to donate to elAlem for all the hard work he has put in to the app Download via 1800PocketPC .
  6. Try ( Finger Friendly Section ) that contain only finger friendly apps for Windows Mobile
  7. Was busted here : http://www.gearlog.com/2008/10/windows_mob...iphone_is_a.php I was having high hopes for this too :lol:
  8. Its coz PIE has been around for a while, they have to given it any major updates some of the enhancements comes from 3rd party developers. Why is MS ignoring it with a passion ?? Dont get me wrong I love WM devices coz there are a lot of developers who release a lot of tools which makes life a lot easier on these devices if this was not there I dont think I would have sticked with WM. I am not praising FF yet, but they are bringing something new to the table have a look @ the video of the alpha.
  9. ">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"> Gizmodo.com is claiming that the alpha version of Firefox will be released to the public in a few weeks time. Once Firefox gets released it will be cut throat rivalry between 3 major players Opera, Skyfire and Firefox. Lets not consider IE, unless they bring out some radical changes in the new version which only they are excited about ;) . via : gizmodo.com
  10. By now you would have heard that WM7 is delayed... Microsoft had to announce something to keep WM users happy so they are showing off IE6 for Windows Mobile 6. A free update is always good but with other free options like Opera and Skyfire ( Open beta in US, hopefully the rest of the world will get to use it soon ) does this news excite anyone ? theunwired.net has got some pics of the browser in action. Trust me there is nothing to see there, if you are interested in this just jump on and have a look. zzzz.. Wake me up when you have something to announce about Deepfish? Whatever happened to that project anyway?
  11. @ encece there should be a separate Professional / Standard Pack.. Hi Pony99CA good to see you here mate, I am assuming you are the same dude from pocketnow Paul , I think you should let people nominate application and then have a vote to decide which application should be selected for the pack
  12. I potential problem i see with this is many of us might already have a licensed version of some of the application on offer.. One suggestion I have is offering many application for the bundle and letting the user choose the 10 apps he/she like ( might not be a feasible idea but users might find this more appealing ) EDIT : didnt read the whole thread , looks like my theory was already discussed ;)
  13. I found this one a few days back and added it on my site : http://www.1800pocketpc.com/2008/09/18/omn...-212-theme.html
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