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  1. ugh, how to fix the freezing txt bug? anyone know? anyone else experiance it? phone freezes after useing txt also anyone know hwo change the default keyboard and keep it changed? mine keeps switching back to winmo keyboard which sucks
  2. ok i fixed the problem, was spb backup restoring emails and texts, for some reason it didnt like that. if anyone is willing to help, how to get the gps working? i went into setting phone gps location on that didnt get any locks, also did the advance configer way and enagled AGPS that didnt get any locks, before i used baf's gps toggle and it worked like a charm! im useing google maps also if anyone knows how to make it lock when hit power button that would be cool (lock and sleep like s2u2) but useing the wm6.5 lock
  3. ok i am useing the lite rom (non m2d) version 2 well done im glad to see 6.5 for us! love the honeycomb lol my issues 1.the mort script prompt pops up every soft reset, 2. after sending a txt , then hit OK , phone freezes 3. phone freezes when get new txt that is all i found so far, anyone else experianced these? a side note when i flash it , it stays on the samsung page i believe for a while just haveing the bar moving back and forth
  4. i thought it only accept that size of pic, then again i havent tried a differnt size lol
  5. wow awesome! if anyone has some mustang wallpapers share plx :excl: otherwise ill have to photoshop some up next time i get som free time thanks for the wallpapers
  6. wow awesome! if anyone has some mustang wallpapers share plx :excl: otherwise ill have to photoshop some up next time i get som free time thanks for the wallpapers
  7. sorry for not wanting to brick my omnia, but then again lets be arrogant assholes and make a joke about it :excl: you could just took 3 secs to type you do this, but its ok your too good for that
  8. first post says this "I've had some 'beta testers' in a thread about the discussion of cooking for the i910. First of all, this is a rom I am making for myself and sharing with the public, so if I have removed something you want, then find one of the Omnia cab repositories and install it as a cab. Secondly, I don't *owe* you anything to put in the rom, (or fix if it's beyond my control). With the .img that was leaked, I don't know how to extract the Customer_CSC, but if someone wants to help me, I could get a lot more done. I recommend that you have flashed with the new ROM (the link is in the New Rom thread for the i910), and after the *228, and all that jazz, it's safe to update with my ROM. To go over some of the changes I have done," what im saying is i dont know what im suposed to do with the .bin ? lol says safe to update with his rom but the umdl doesnt see it as it is in .bin
  9. hey yall, the down load with m2d comes as a .bin do i rename it to a .img ? or what ? thanks
  10. hey, does anyone know of a guiter hero like game, kinda like the one on the iphone that we can use on omnia??? not the gay 240*320 guitaer hero with the sensor pad... one we atcualy touch the screen for o.0? well guess that might not work cuz we dont have multi touch
  11. i really like these however only one has teh right layout for the i910 :(
  12. nice themes they get better and better. does the second hand not move on other ppls phones? using any theme, i910.
  13. hey yall mind if i make a request?? the omnia gold theme with the sunset is amazing!! but i have only 2 problems with it... 1.under maps half the screen is black, looks perrty bad 2. on the home screen it doesnt show upcoming alarms i have m2d 21 all in one installed @ badman i have a backup of the original m2d 21 theme and xml, so i can upload it when i get home will be a few hours cuz have exam soon unless somone beats me to it .. always backup :)
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