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  1. :D Managed to solve this by uninstalling Google Maps, then reflashing MCR 2.9. Google Maps is working again in all its glory (except Voice Search has 'Connection Problems'). Will do the same with Wireless Tether...
  2. Did you have to drop back to 2.8 to do this?
  3. I've got this same problem on MCR 2.8 and MCR 2.9. But before uninstalling Maps thought I'd check it was in Market. It's not for me. I can't find it running either MCR 2.8 or MCR 2.9 Same process ending for Wifi Tether. Will continue searching for a remedy, perhaps some sort of 'see all apps' approach, but if anyone knows anything would appreciate the tips! Thanks in advance...
  4. Agree with this. I don't want to send my Hero back and be forced to get 3GS, but have a few issues. - Video playback is currently dreadful, esp compared to the iPhone. - Remembered WiFi locations do not auto connect and I have to re-enter password keys both at home and work - Peep is poop - esp for listing all @replies on Twitter I've high hopes for this coming update - love the Hero but has its significant faults
  5. HI guys, I've got a TyTnII and ActiveSync it to my work PC's Outlook 2003 calendar and sync the contacts to my home Win XP Home PC. I've just noticed that All Day Events are showing on the TyTnII as a day early - i.e. a Monday event on work's calendar shows as Sunday. I've searched on MOdaco and to my surprise couldn't find anyone with this problem. IT's a well known problem as illustrated in this MS forum, https://forums.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/...=0&pageid=0 It seems to only affect March-October entries. American posts refer to a DST patch that adjusts according to new Daylight Saving dates. I wonder if somehow my auto updates have downloaded this. Although I've checked everything is GMT London and UK based. From others' experience it seems hard resets and reinstalling of software yields no fix at all. Although one person talks about unchecking all DST auto changes. I've yet to see if this works when I get to work. But has anyone had this and know of anything more? Cheers Matt
  6. Just to add that I ended up with the TyTn 2 on Orange for £zero and maintain my current tariff of £25 pcm ;) Was originally quoted £199.99 upgrade but the comparison to T-mobile soon sorted that. Result. Loving the Tytn 2!
  7. Hi guys, Enjoying the reviews and comments re. the HT TYTN II. My Orange contracted SPV M600 is due for upgrade. For the last few months, I was planning to continue my SPV path and go for the M700. I'm happy with my M600 (apart from when the camera doesn't work due to not being enough memory and Magic Button screwing up my Today screen!) and longing for GPS so M700 makes perfect sense. All my SPVs have been free with contract thus far. However, I wonder if someone could suggest other PPCs with GPS options/contracts than the M700 as I suspect I'll have similar issues as M600. I'm tempted by the Kaiser but not so keen to pay for an upgrade. Is the M700 and TyTN II leagues apart in terms of speed and stability? I have searched but receiving search errors - (poss due to 3 character rule) Thanks in advance Matt
  8. THis has happened to me twice. First time was resolved with poking the jack in and out. Second time has stuck for good ;) Have to use hands free all the time now - which is a real pain to untangle the wires from my pocket all the time. Might look into a BT set, but still not ideal. DId you guys who swapped it have insurance with Orange/O2? I can't change mine, is over 12mths old on 18 mth contract with no insurance.
  9. Cheers Paul, Sorry to dwell, but did you get it out on a lucky wiggle ;) or did you have to take it apart? Would rather not dismantle it tbh, but if I have to... Matt
  10. Hi guys, My mini-SD adaptor is stuck inside my m600. Doesn't pop out after pushing down. The mini-SD can come out of the adaptor though. However, just wondering if anyone, through dismantling their Prophet, has seen if the SD card clips and springs are accessible to repair? I have looked at as many photos as i can find on this forum, but nothing seems obvious. Thanks a lot. Matt
  11. Hi guys, I can hear a very definite high pitch noise coming from the screen - not the earpice or speaker - of my M600 only when the backlight's on. I've seen other forums discussing other devices that it may be to do with the screen's gasket being compressed. One solution was to get a screen protector but unsure if it'd work. Another was changing the frequency refresh rate on the screen - but can't adjust anyway on the Prophet. Has anyone had this problem and/or know of a solution. Cheers Matt P.S. I'm pretty sure I've read about this in a post months ago but for the life of me can't find it now that I'm experiencing it - so apologies if this is double posting. Please point me in the right direction if you know of it!
  12. I've got the bleeder! :P Called OCS Saturday, they said they had the m600 in, "limited stock". In other words, get your order in right now! It arrived today - though half expecting a c600 ;) - and it's charging right now. I got mine on an upgrade. Assuming I haven't been duped, it's a free upgrade (waiting for my next bill!). I'm paying
  13. I've been calling OCS for the last few days re the m600. As of 5 mins ago, it's still the case that the SPV M600's been launched but isn't on their system for issue. The last CS rep I spoke with said they had an email from their IT this morning to ask them not to sell any m600s as the pricing was wrong and needs to be ammended. She said (like them all) to try again later this evening. bit of a worry to read unclelimey's post: http://www.modaco.com/M600_my_first_thoughts-t239099.html Still, I'll give the m600 a go if it's a free upgrade from my c500. Incidentally, I popped into the Birmingham New st store this morning. They won't have any for a couple of weeks. But they said the Wolverhampton branch has some right now - if that helps anyone?!
  14. Called CS upgrades dept just now. They said they all received a mail yesterday saying that the m600 was to be released TODAY!! However, it's not come up on the system. After being put on hold I was told it should be on it at some point later today... Fingers crossed - I hope that me telling you all won't mean they run out before I get one! ;)
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