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  1. hello Paul i need help. I have an unlocked spv e650 UK and i used since 2007 here in switzerland. now from one day to the other if i like to put on w-lan he ask me the key, if i put the key egde goes also on. But no connection with w-lan . now i try to put of edge and he goes again on the edge icon. after try two three times edge goes off. Whats this for a problem Paul.???? Sorry for my english. You think there is mobile registry or reso registry settings for that problem??? Very strange....mmmmmmm :o
  2. hello there i have a spv e650 . i unlocked it last year thats all. im here in switzerland and i like to ask you if i can install dr. gonzo wm6.1 v.1.1????? Is this the latest on of him???? thanx for help Anthony
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