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  1. I got it working. I was using SndPlayAsync(hSound, 1); to play my sound when I should have been using SndPlayAsync(hSound, 0); Then I just set the volume to 0x00000FFF | ( 1 / << 12) 0x00000FFF | ( 2 / << 12) ... 0x00000FFF | ( 15 / << 12) and it gives me a good range of volume levels.
  2. I'm trying to change the volume for MIDI audio on the Pantech C810. However, no matter what I set this value to, it plays at the loudest volume. If I set it to 0 it still plays loudly, but it gets choppy. Anyone experienced the same problem?
  3. I managed to get midi playback working on WM6 using SndPlayAsync. Now I would like to be able to loop the midi. The only way I can see to do this is to detect when the file stops playing and play it again. I believe I might be able to detect the event using SndGetWaitHandle, but I don't know what to do with the event handle once it's retrieved. [DllImport("aygshell.dll")] static extern uint SndGetWaitHandle(IntPtr hSound, ref IntPtr phDoneEvent); Can anyone tell me how to set up an event handler for this kind of event handle? Or if there is an easier way to loop the midi, that would be preferable.
  4. I'm porting a game from J2ME to C# for Windows Mobile. Is there a C# equivalent to RecordStore?

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