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  1. Cymruan

    HTC One: Double Dip Hard Shell case

    have HTC announced any other colours for it? as far as cases go it's a nice case, but i'm not sold on the red and grey and grey.
  2. Cymruan

    Which Windows Mobile Device are you using?

    Device Name Sony Ericsson Xperiaa X1 Operating System Version Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM type Custom ROM
  3. Cymruan

    Possible to disable panels completely?

    You can still use the windows mobile panel and the standard UI for the phone. just a case of not changing the panel. Out of curiosity, why do you want to disable it?
  4. Cymruan

    X1 Rattle - anyone else go this?

    got mine form mobiles.co.uk on orange, and mine is fine, no rattle or distortion at all Ok, I spoke too soon, this weekend, I got the Snap, and I now have the added rattle functionality.
  5. Thanks, for that, just did a search for GPStoday and found it http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-pr...ket-pc-updated/ will try to install now
  6. Hi, I got my Xperia last saturday (didnt realise mobiles.co.uk delivered on saturdays, so that was a nice suprise). Am really loving it, however this is my first device with GPS, and I like the idea of geo tagging. I know Xperia doesnt come with anything out of the box for doing this. I was wondering if it is even possible to add this functionallity? if so does anyone know how to do it? Thanks
  7. Cymruan

    Storage memory full

    I've just tried this, and out of a possible 27ish MB of storage space, it's just freed up 19.9MB I would have thought HTC or even microsoft would have limited the temp internet files to stop this happening.
  8. Cymruan


    doesn't look very convincing. I suppose from the look of the buttons, maybe HTC are really tring to avoid further cases of dust getting behind the screen. just looks a bit rugged, not very user friendly
  9. I've just upgraded to an M500 and I was expecting a hard time getting active sync to work via bluetooth from the days when I tried it with my C500. Luckily after a lot of fiddling I found a guide on here on how to connect my C500. By any chance has anyone idealy written a fool proof guide for connecting the M500 via bluetooth yet, or even if someone can point me in the right direction. There must be soemone out there who has connected and knows how they did it. Pls help. I've had a search for this same question and was supprised that I couldnt find it. It's hard ot imagine no one else has asked already so if they have sorry for repeating the thread.
  10. I got mine yesterday, went into the orange shop, asked for it and was given it. was expecting to have to pay £50, but they just gave it to me for free. was very confused, but didn't complain. i'll just use the extra money i saved on a bigger memory card :)
  11. Cymruan

    Ebuyer wifi card

    Ok I should be getting an M500 next monday, I want to wifi it up so will be getting this from ebuyer. Just wondering (prob being really simple here) what do I need to connect to my pc, will just a wifi dongle be enough or would I need a wireless adsl modem/router/access point etc? As i've only got one computer i want on the internet dont really need to make a ALN or anything, just want to connect my pc to an M500 for as cheap as possible.
  12. Cymruan

    Wheres good to get an upgrade

    Well i've found that etc coms and carphone wearhouse do upgrades for orange, but after calling them I've found out that if you upgrade through them you just get the same deals as through orange direct. So much for good old fashion competition to be the ones to supply your upgrade and get you to sign up for another 12 months :)
  13. Cymruan

    Wheres good to get an upgrade

    I think the whole "looking after existing customer" blurb is just the new craze every company wants to claim to do. You never know, maybe one company one day will acctually treat its current customers as well as the new ones. Does anyone here remember orange equity? Used to get nearly double my minutes a month just for using my phone, now that was a loyalty reward program
  14. Cymruan

    Wheres good to get an upgrade

    My problem is I'm stupidly on orange premier, i'm paying more than I should be, basicly so I can upgrade early, so even though I can upgrade on the 15th of this month, I'm still in contract untill november. So looks like cause they know I'm meant to be with them for another three months they dont think they need to give me a good deal to upgrade with them. But back to the original post, do any other companies offer good upgrade deals genrally. so far I have found carphonewearhouse and etccoms that have a number to call for upgrades, but as they are both closed for the night now I dont know if they can do any better deals than orange themselves seeing as I've still got 3 months contract left
  15. Cymruan

    Wheres good to get an upgrade

    Well I tried yesterday. told them that it would be cheaper for me to take out a new contract with tmobile on a lower tarrif and get my m500 for free than it would be to reduce my tariff on orange and pay off the remaining 3 months at £15 each. so pay £45 to buy out my contact and then start a £30/month one with tmobile and get the phone free. they didnt even bother trying to retain me. I'm very disapointed. even ended up reducing the tariff there and then to show I was serious and they didnt care :)

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