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    visda spiderphone
  1. lee20

    visda spiderphone

    Support Service Area: UK, Europe, Australia, USA, Canada, Asia Dual-Band: GSM GPRS 900 / 1800 MHz Provider & SIM card: Work for any SIM Card & any Tele Company, SIM Card Unlocked Cellular enhancement protocol: GSM, GPRS (provided from your country Telecom) Bluetooth: 2.0 High Speed Transfer Memory: Built in 128MB, Expandable to 2GB Max (T-flash) Language: English, French,Spanish, Russian, Thai is there any US companies that run in the 1800 mhz. thank you for the help
  2. lee20

    visda spiderphone

    i ve tried every thing i can think of to get this phone to connect to my provider i get nothing. the phone looks for networks but cannot connect my sim card is in the phone i am a t-mobile usa suscriber. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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