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  1. I beat myself to death following the instructions from the Samsung update page. I followed the instructions EXACTLY, to the letter, step-by-step 100% - 4 times. I even had a friend who is a lot more experienced with Windows usage (VISTA) watch me go through it the 4th time - What would happen - my work laptop would see my Blackjack II just fine before I would install anything. But as I progressed through all of the steps, the computer would quit seeing the phone as connected. The computer would make the usual sound that something was connected - but the sync software would not see the phone. Period. Further - even after the step that confirms the appropriate drivers are installed, progressing through to the point of doing the upgrade - the drivers would disappear! Well... after much frustration, I finally formatted the phone. After doing that - each step worked flawlessly all the way through complete installation. All is well. I'm not sure why I had to do a complete format of the phone first... doesn't make sense to me. Anyway - I haven't decided if I like the sliding screen yet... so have changed it to another for now. I can't get GPS to work. I have loaded the GPS activator hack (CAB file). I can search for it on my device, and it shows up - but I can't do anything with it. It apparently is invisible when I browse through the files. I had GPS working before (had to use a shortcut to gpstest that I found somewhere months ago.). Also - sometimes when I make a phone call - the call doesn't go through - the screen just says "dialing". The phone stays frozen like that for ever. Nothing gets it to get off that screen other than holding the power button until the phone turns off. This has happened twice since the update to WM6.1. I never had this happen before. Any suggestions on the use of the GPS Activator hack would be greatly appreciated..
  2. I finally got my BJ2 to upgrade to WM6.1. GPS is no longer working with Google Maps or Live Search. the GPS activation cab won't show after I upload to my BJ2. Kind of frustrating.
  3. I have searched everywhere I can think of to find the mysterious application "GPSTest" on my BJII. I just cannot find it. Someone PLEASE give me a clue!!!
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