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  1. Once more thank you kalt for your great work. This rom with the 300 MB data partition is a dream come true. Paired with the overclocking abilities V9 has got a major upgrade. There is one thing that i wasn't able to solve so far and maybe you can help me. My corporate exchange mail cannot connect. i have tried several Email apk's but with no success. is there some Email.apk that solves the problem with Exchange servers? Thank you.
  2. Thank you kallt_kaffe. The device is getting better and better. The addition of the FM Radio was a great surprise
  3. Great work and great rom. At last a rom with more space for programs and very fast too. :D :D
  4. No Flash support. The processor is to blame. As I have read, there isn't any flash support for V6 processors
  5. No change in IMEI here. I have updated the device, installed Sebastian's custom ROM, returned (through Clockworkmod to 2.2) and the IMEI is what it should be.
  6. Yes! One of the benefits of 2.2 (Sorry forgot the page open and haven't seen the reply. Please delete it.)
  7. Spent a lot of time updating yesterday. Just to point that when updating from a stock rom then you must follow the instructions in the word to enter FTM mode to do the upgrade and i want to confirm that to NO flash installation is possible due to the v6 processor. I have the same feeling with pixies_name that the screen has lost some responsiveness. Specifically the top notification bar opens (drops down) with difficulty. I have experienced also some random reboots when the device goes to power saving mode. Anyone else with this problem? Another problem and I want your help is that compared to my stock V9 the fonts and the icons are very small. They have changed something or the Light version of V9 had from stock small fonts? Is there a way to change that? I have used the LCDDencity application but I don't get the old result. (The icons get larger but the fonts get very large) To show you what happened check the following screenshot from the stock V9 with 2.1. When I install the Go Weather widget in the 2.2 rom the size is much smaller. You can compare it with your V9. I will try later tonight to post the same screen from my 2.2 . Here is the 2.2 screenshot. A lot smaller don't you think? :))) I have also tried Sebastian's Rom. Thank you for your work . I am only missing the greek keyboard support (Can I install the touchpal apks from my stock rom backup?) and there seems to have a problem with APN's. With APN Backup and Restore, I have backed- up the APN's and I have restored them successfully in the 2.2 upgrade. But I cannot do the same with Sebastian's Rom. The app displays that all APN are restored, but the list in settings is empty.
  8. That' it. Thank you very much. :)
  9. Thank you. Very good news. I am interested in Greek.
  10. Sorry again but someone please post the supported languages in the 2.2 update? And is it possible to change the apn settings for the 3G connection? (cabken says that he can't change the settings) Thanks again.
  11. Hello! Very good news! Can someone post the list of the languages included in the 2.2 update? Thank you.
  12. It's the greek version with the following info Firmware version: 2.1-update1 Baseband Version:V9B01 Kernel version:2.6.29 [email protected] Build number: COSMOTE_V9V1.0.0B06 I will try to do a romdump later today. Thanks again. :D
  13. Hello, a noob question here. :D Can I revert the changes from ClockworkMod and revert to the stock condition if i want? Thank you.

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