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  1. Hi all .. I have a strange problem here. I am currently using Samsung i780. Under Settings, System, Regional Settings, I have selected English (United Kingdom) as the selected option. So even in my main page, I can see the date setting as 10 December 2008 (dd/mm/year) which is just what I wanted. However, the problem is when I check my task and my calendar. In my task section, the due date section is displayed as 12/10/2008 instead of 10/12/2008 as I wanted. When this happens, I can filter my task according to due date since its all under December. This happens in my calendar as well which I am not sure why. Previously, it was not like this. I was wandering if anyone could help me out on this please? Thanks. B) B)
  2. Thanks Vibranze .. I downloaded and looking through the threads now. Seems like there is a problem in the missing files. :D
  3. Hi Vibranze, What do you mean by RealVGA? Sorry I am not really good at this but I tried running GSPlayer on my i780 and like I said, its either too big (i can't see the control buttons at the bottom) or too small (the screen fonts look jagget and overlapping). How about yours? Are you running the GSPlayer on the i780 as well? Possible to take a screen shot? I even tried running Adobe Reader and its the same problem .. fonts look jagget and not smooth. Cheers .. Dennis
  4. I wander if any members here are using GSPlayer on their i780? :( I tried using both the Smart Phone and Pocket PC version. Either it is too big (I can see the control buttons at the bottom) or it is too small (The display is oddly shapped). If you are using it, please let me know how did you manage to resolve it? I suspect is has something to do with the 320 x 320 resolution. :D Not sure but hope someone could share.
  5. Actory .. what OS are you running on in your PC? I had the same problem recently and I'm using Win XP SP3 in the office and Vista SP1 at home. I discovered that if you go under Connections tab in Settings, unclick the "Enable advanced network functionality" option in USB to PC, this will ensure the i780 is charged whenever I sync it. Previously it would only charge on my Vista (running on Windows Mobile Device Centre) while XP (running on version 4.5) would not charge. Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks :D :( :o It works and there is no more irritating message asking to run Garmin every on and off interval. :lol: :lol:
  7. Thanks .. I did that and will try to see if it works. :D :(
  8. Hi guys .. just wandering if anyone her uses Garmin Mobile XT on their Samsung i780? :D :( I have mine installed with the software for GPS Navigation purpose and funny thing is I always get this prompt message as below. Garmin Mobile XT The latest version of the Garmin Mobile XT software is already installed on the handheld. Do you want to run it? Yes No This prompt message keeps appearing with no fix interval and no matter what my choice of selection is, either Yes or No, it will still appear. It's not like there is anything wrong with it but it just gets annoying after some time. Hope someone can share their experience with me. Thanks. :o :lol:
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