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  1. """ SOON """ I looked it up in my dictionary , of course because I'm not a native English speaker , and what I did find ?!!!!!!! Please , Encrico , Redefine soon in my dictionary !! :P Thanx
  2. thax enrico sounds promising ,, can you please tell us how much free ram do your rom have after booting ??
  3. Assalmu Alikum Sinan Thanx alot , now downloading your rom , just one question , would mind cooking a new 6.1 rom with Sense 2.5 ?! and BTW, it's 29 not 26 :P Salam
  4. WoooooW3 Can't really say anything but thanx any plans for Sense 2.5 ? !!!!!!!
  5. Hi guys Who can help me to find Sense 2.5 packages used in Rod's beta 2 Rom ?! I'll be more than thankfull PEACE
  6. Does anyone have a problem with Wireless connection ?! I can't turn on mine ... I tried through HTC & Samaung settings, nothing seems to be working ?! what is the problem ?! Provided that I flashed this rom with all the latest JB1 eboot, phone, CSC parts ?!!!!!
  7. CECO !! Check This out and tell me what do you think ??!! http://www.htc.com/www/product/hdmini/specification.html
  8. Thanx Rodrigo,,,,,,, I know I may sound silly , but I'm gonna ask you again :( WM6.5 is really RAM eater , Would you consider Building another sense rom with WM6.1 ?! I'm running Sense 2.5 with the same build you're using with the latest Ginkage driver and guess what ?! It's working even the setting Tab & options with almost 80.5 RAM left free :( . Of course music and photo tab is not unfortionately . If you're answer would be the same as before , would you mind sharing us with you're Sense 2.5 package since you're leaving our area here ?? :(
  9. Sorry if you've got me wrong ! what I'm trying to say is thousand of O2 users are referishing impatiently the thread almost every second including myself and we're waiting for the real release :D Some screen shots may be enough to satisfy our needy souls :D ( Again our satisfaction is not obligatory ,,, Just take your time ) Thanx
  10. ( So each one will determine if it suits his 'everyday use' demands ) when would that be real ?! :D Thanx
  11. Wa Alikum Assalam ( Peace ) ,, Just do follow the instructions here :- http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...-sence-2-5-cab/ Also download and install HTC FrameWork frome here :- Happy now,,,,,,,,,, http://www.freeza-inc.com/freezaROM/OEMCAB/ ???! I'm wondering that you're saying such a thing ,, you're brilliant enough to do it :D In fact there is installable cab and it's working ( 1922 and 2011 ). I asked you the packages before cuz I thought I can compile it into a cab ! BTW build 2012 is out , you may wanna check it out :D
  12. Hi,,, Is it possiple to use the new e-boot from recent Secany's rom along with WM6.1 particularily KC lite rom ,, and if so would it give me the extra 5 mb of RAM ?! Regards Hope Touch HD mini will be announced soon :D
  13. We understand that RodrigoFD,,, :D One Q :- How much free RAM do your rom have after booting ???
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