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  1. zelendel

    Screen blank with camera

    Your issue is most likely a radio issue. Try a different radio and you should be good
  2. zelendel

    Odd Data Message After Hard Reset

    Here is the cab. Copy it to your phone and then run it Switch_OFF_GPRS__MoDaCo_NoData_.cab
  3. zelendel

    Odd Data Message After Hard Reset

    To shut off the notice go int start\settings\sounds and notifications and go to notifications then scroll down to connection established and uncheck display message. To stop it from comming on do a search for no data cab. I dont rememebr off the top of my head where I found it awhile ago.
  4. zelendel

    Few questions (new user)

    Look for Best Reminder And Inboxtones..........both have to be paid for but that is what I used for my Q9h Till I got my tilt
  5. zelendel

    New Kaiser?

    Check Out the HTC touch Pro 2
  6. zelendel

    Still using your Q9h?

    I am not to Sure about that to be honest. I would find a non branded 6.1 rom to flash and that should solve our prob. I will ask around. Check out everythingwm.com they might be able to help more.
  7. zelendel

    Still using your Q9h?

    Ill be more then willing to help out. What do you need?
  8. zelendel

    what to replace my tytnii with

    The First thing that comes to mind is the HTC Touch pro 2
  9. zelendel

    Contacts filter

    you can go into settings...phone...call options and uncheck show sim contacts. Even though tis removes it from your contacts list they will still register if you use voice dail.
  10. zelendel

    Help 6.1

    you are welcome. have fun palying with your new OS if you need any further help I will be checking here on and of and at everthingq.com
  11. zelendel

    Help 6.1

    If I am not wrong I think it is aginst the forum rules to post the link for a free dwld for that. but send me an email with your addy and Ill see what I can do.
  12. zelendel

    Help 6.1

    If I am not wrong I think it is against the rule
  13. zelendel

    Help 6.1

    http://motomoddinguk.info/showthread.php?t=2163 here is the link for complete instructions on how to go about it. There are a few other sites that you might find usefull as well. Everythinq.com is a really good one. You can find me there as well. keep me updated on how it goes.
  14. zelendel

    Help 6.1

    what link do you want? the one for 6.1 or RSD?
  15. zelendel

    Help 6.1

    Ok do you know where to get the update file on line? http://motomoddinguk.info/downloads.php?do=tree.....here is the link use RSD light and you will have 6.1 in no time..

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