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    Sorry to hear that. are there any rom updates for the compact iv? i just found a new rom update for my diamond http://www2.orange.co.uk/servlet/Satellite...uct&tabid=1 It seems to be working now with the update but i can't say for sure as the problem seems to develop over time. anyone had audio problems with the newest orange rom? (1.93.405.1)
  2. Hi I got my first diamond a few months back and within a few weeks during listening to mp3 files the bass would drop out of the music and it would become very tinny. Tried to solve the problem my-self checking the usual's like headphones, audio booster, mp3 quality, different audio players and finally a reset which solved the problem for a few days but then came back. My provider is orange uk and i contacted them about it, after two weeks! they couldn't come up with a solution and sent me a new phone. Now after having my replacement phone a few weeks it has happened again and also seems to affect call audio quality when using the headphones. I can't tell if it's affecting the speakers as they are of low quality anyway. Orange support is woefully poor and htc can't help as it's an orange branded phone. I am wondering if anyone else has had similar issues / solutions and if this is a generic problem with the diamond? thanks
  3. bipolarbear

    Delayed Texts

    I have had this problem too. Firstly it helps to delete some messages from the device. Secondly I have noticed that my orange coverage with the m700 has not been as good as with other mobile phones i have had with orange. LSmith4285 - I noticed your saltair user image and was wondering if you were in scotland? I'm in Edinburgh and could possibly be due to the network.
  4. bipolarbear

    Video Encoding and Playback help & advice

    Ok I have been slightly dumb! The best option for video playback is to use TCPMP on your device. Experiment with the video options in TCPMP, this is where I was having most of my problems, I found the “raw framebuffer” option to work best for the encodes I was producing. The best option to encode video definitely is to use pocketdivx (when your using the right settings in TCPMP! loll). It’s really easy to use! I like to use the high quality settings and produces around 2 hrs of video from an avi file into around 300mb of avi for the device. Read the manual to choose the best quality settings. I would have to comment that the audio can be a bit squelchy even on high audio settings but the m700 bass fix helped with this. I also tried converting DVD video by using something like vobmerge to first merge all the vob files from a dvd (home DVD not something copyrighted!) into one big vob file allowing pocket divx to produce a whole video with excellent results. I tried a few other options for encoding video. I used the much slated winavi as I was short on time…. Avi > MPEG1 Produced even better results than pocket divx files but the file size is huge for a good quality result (800mb avi produced 1gb mpeg) Good audio too. I encoded video to 25fps with frame size at 320x240 (full screen on device) AVI > WMV Used the pocketpc template in winavi for this and as with other wmv tests produces slightly blurry video and the audio is just ok. Not my favourite, but low file size and might be better for short clips. This is maybe a bit unrelated, but, I couldn’t playback most of my matroska (mkv) files on my m700 or even convert them with pocket divx or through demuxing them until I found this brilliant software AlltoAVI. It automatically converts the mkv container to an avi container, allowing you to choose audio and subtitle streams on the way. You will still end up with the original streams from the mkv like h264 video but most encoders will manage to cope with the file after. Hopefully this will help some people who have been equally daft as me!
  5. Hi all, hope you can help a newbie on the forum. I have had my SPV M700 for over a year now and still haven't got video playback to work properly! Admittedly I gave up after experimenting for a couple of weeks with poor results but I’m back on the case again and am determined to get good results. I have TCPMP player, an XP machine, a host of video codec’s / direct show filters and encoders. I am hoping others on the forum would share their experience and settings with encoding and playing video on the m700/trinity? I am interested in encoding TV episodes and movies from (mainly) avi files. I have tried a plethora of encoders and apps all with bad or no results. The only app I got to work is spb mobile DVD (has really nice option to crop the screen) but it's trial ware and the wmv format doesn't seem to be the best quality. What is the best format to use for playback? and player -I tried AVI using pocketdivx but the playback is choppy and blocky and totally unwatchable it also seems to mess up the control buttons in TCPMP player (weird!). -I tried MPEG I using TMPGEnc which produced good quality image but will pause and not recover at some point in playback. -I tried WMV using the above spb software which actually produces a video that will play without a glitch but the quality isn't too great and isn't free. For some strange reason I can't use windows media encoder as it crashes and won't recognise my device! What are the correct video settings for playback? Resolution / frame rate and anything else I may need to know? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! I'm finding this quite frustrating after doing weeks of legwork, so now I’m asking for help.

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