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  1. Thank you for your post: OK, then you're not getting it into recovery. If you see ANYTHING, including the backlight, on your Vega, then you are not in recovery.

    Try this guide:


    i was just about to give up, its all now up and running. great guy 5*s

  2. simonta

    Help please

    As people have said, "the Vega can be recovered from most situations". To put your mind at rest, in the entire history of the Vega, not one person has managed to brick one, and that includes the ROM developers who do some truly hairy and insane things to their Vegas. So the biggest risk you ever take through experimenting and fiddling is a re-install from scratch. Have fun!
  3. Thought I'd let y'all know. To celebrate the Marketplace's 10 billionth download, Google are selling some top apps for 10p each for a limited time. Just bought Swiftkey for 10p!!!! Have fun...
  4. I've got an Huawei E353 from Three. Is yours the same? I've disabled CD and MicroSD and tried switching to host mode before and after plugging in the dongle but get the same results as you. Any other steps you took? Cheers
  5. Still depends on what you want. For horsepower, the Vega is much more powerful. But's that's only of interest for hardware accelerated games built for the Tegra, rendering high quality video and so on. Music, browsing, email and most other apps will be just as fast on either. Main difference you'll see is in the smoothness and responsiveness on the screen when using the launcher, flicking through the app drawer etc. Don't need to wait for the Lenovo to know that the Vega will be much smoother. Vega custom ROMs (various) have WiFi sleep policies and the screen is not the best but I would be surprised if the ideaPad had one significantly better. Cost is always the limiter unless, like Amazon and a few others you are prepared to loss lead. All else being equal, I'd say the Vega represents better value in terms of bang for your buck.
  6. I'll go further than MxBob. It is impossible for the Vega to sound an alarm when it is powered off. No programmer in the world, with all the snickering available, can make a powered off Vega play an alarm. Therefore, you are not powering it off. My guess is that you're pressing the power button for a short press which just puts it into standby where, unless you set it to do differently, the Wifi is running along with all of your notification monitoring applications like email, Facebook, the Market etc. Unless you spend some time turning off unwanted notifications, WiFi in sleep, don't use GPS or network data (even though the Vega has no GPS or 3G these things use power) etc etc, then the Vega uses a lot of power when sleeping. With respect, I think you have quite a lot to learn about Android and the Vega before assuming things aren't working. I too am using Vegacomb and apart from the known bugs, it's pretty stable and certainly does not exhibit the problems you've detailed.
  7. That's the extended memory in the replaceable SD card for holding files (music, video etc). You can replace it for any size you like but 4GB is a lot to start with. No Yes :)
  8. Hmmm. Well, the area you indicated is where the main board is, not the battery, so something is overheating is you feel it getting anything more than lukewarm. When you're in SetCPU, what happens when you leave the Vega alone for a while. Does it go back down below 1GHz? It should idle back to the lower speed after a few seconds without use.
  9. You are not getting your Vega into recovery mode. In recovery, you will see NOTHING on the screen, not even the backlight. If you see the backlight, you missed it. Power off and try again. It takes practice and vary the timings a little.
  10. You're better off reporting this on the Honey Ice thread on Tabletroms. Kernel types don't generally hang out in these forums apart from the stickied kernel thread at the top. I assume that you've checked whether you actually have cifs.ko on your Vega and inspected logcat when you attempt to connect? You could also try copying cifs.ko from a ROM you know works onto your Vega, then using ADB or a terminal emulator: insmod <path to cifs.ko>/cifs.ko This will insert the module into the kernel at run time but it may not work for the specific kernel in Honey Ice unless support for it is compiled in. If it does work, you could set up a boot time script to insert it on each boot.
  11. Refurbs do not come with Vegacomb installed so I assume that you installed this yourself. This is not the battery (the battery is on the other side) and is almost certainly because Vegacomb overclocks the CPU which is not a good idea on a device with no active cooling and very little room for heat to disperse. My bet would be an overheating CPU and, if it's hot enough to cause problems with the screen, you are close to causing damage. It's likely that the bonding between the digitiser and the screen is failing, which is why squeezing the screen may relieve the symptoms as Richard states. Install Setcpu and set the clock speed back to the default of 1Ghz, or maybe even 800Mhz, and see if the problem resolves. Some Vegas may survive overclocking, some may not and it's pot luck which ones will. If you're into this kind of thing, in my opinion the only safe way to approach overclocking on the Vega is to also undervolt by the same proportion so that the overall power consumption (and therefore heat output) of the CPU remains the same but undervolting is also pot luck in terms of stability.
  12. Looks like he's serious.... Good idea to register the domain, you can imagine the traffic the first PAN101 ICS ROM will generate! http://whois.domaintools.com/icecreampad.com Of course, I assuming this is the same chap - all the clues point to it being so.
  13. With kind regards to Harold Faltermeyer. The heat is on... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=19477201&postcount=124
  14. Are you unable to think of any reasons that might be? You don't know the answer. Perhaps the other 27 people didn't either? You say that you got the manual. Did you read it? Here's an exact copy... Installing Advent Transfer Companion software To install the companion software, please follow the steps below: 1� Connect your Vega tablet to your computer using the USB cable provided� 2� You will notice a USB symbol appear on the tablet in the notification area at the top of the screen – Drag this bar down to display the contents� 3� Press the USB CONNECTED button then press TURN ON USB STORAGE button� 4� Windows should now display an Autorun prompt� Select BROWSE or OPEN DEVICE� If this prompt does not appear, open MY COMPUTER on your PC and double-click on the REMOVABLE DISK that should appear� 5� Double-click on the VegaMedia folder, then double-click on setup.exe and follow the on-screen instructions to install� 6� Once the installation is complete, you can start the software by double-clicking the ADVENT TRANSFER COMPANION icon on your desktop� Note: This companion will now automatically run each time the system starts� Using the Advent Transfer Companion software Once installed, when you next connect your Advent Vega tablet to your computer and turn on USB storage, the companion software will automatically open� To copy files to your device, simply drag them onto the relevant icon� E�g� drag your picture files onto the Photos icon� To view the files you already have on your tablet, click the relevant icon� E�g� click the Video’s icon to display the contents of your Video’s folder on your tablet� If you hide the application by clicking the red cross button, you can re-show it by either: • Double-clicking the Advent Transfer Companion icon on your desktop� • Locate the Advent Transfer Companion icon in your Windows System Tray/Notification Area and double-clicking it� To get more help, locate the Advent Transfer Companion icon in your Windows System Tray/Notification Area, then right-click and select Help� The contents will change depending on whether the tablet is connected and ready to use�
  15. http://www.zdnet.co.uk/blogs/communication-breakdown-10000030/google-serves-up-ice-cream-sandwich-source-code-10024788/ Between the 2 of us!
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