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  1. Ordered one of these, arrived this morning and I went from never having used a Wi-Fi network in my life to a successful connection in about 30 minutes - which included setting up my router to have a wireless connection and having to change radio channel on it as it wasn't working on channel 11 by default. So it must be quite a good piece of kit :) I didn't have to do any of the faffing referred to in the eBuyer review with setting the connection to Work - when I'd found the connection in the network scan, I then edited all the settings in the Connections Settings control panel for my network to have the right WEP key, and set it to connect to The Internet like my GPRS setup. And it all just worked, and I've since checked my GPRS is still working, and it is. Miracles never cease. One question that's nagging me, and I'm off to look on the Interweb to see if I can find the answer anyway - when I set up my WEP encryption on my router, I supplied a pass key which generated four encryption keys. Yet I don't seem to use that pass key anywhere on my M500 - I just had to copy over one of those encryption keys by hand. So, did the pass key just provide a convenient way of generating WEP keys? And does that mean that some client drivers on some WiFI kit allows you to generate the same keys using that key, and hence not have to remember the hex strings?
  2. Flopsy

    Orange SPV M500 REVIEW!

    I am using an Orange SPV M500 with a Plantronics M3000 headset, and you CANNOT initiate voicedial from the headset button, contrary to the implication on the review. Also, if you initiate voicedail using the button on the side of the M500, it DOES NOT use the headset - it uses the internal speaker and microphone - which just about works in a car if you have the internal speaker volume up at full. Some confusion in various online reviews has come about from the fact that the ETEN M500 (note the same model number) has a different Bluetooth call stack and a modified version of the Buttons control panel applet which does allow you to assign Voice Dial (or in fact any other app) to the Bluetooth headset button. However, there is some hope that someone will be able to create an app for this functionality, as the SPV M500 can respond to the headset button - this is in evidence from the fact you can double tap the headset button and the SPV M500 will autodial the last number dialled - handy for dropped calls. All it takes is a smart cookie. And for once, this is one post I would *love* to be contradicted on...
  3. Flopsy

    Keylock M500

    I keep seeing references to a "voice button" on the M500 - which one is it? Or have you allocated a button to the voice dial software? EDIT - Never mind, I've found it - it's the Record button on the left hand edge. So how come it fires up Voice Dial, when it is clearly set to activate the Record software in the settings? And another thing - anyone found out if you can remap the volume slider on the left to do the same thing a scroll wheel does on other Pocket PCs?
  4. The standard deal for getting a new deal plus an upgrade according to the Orange website is a 18 month contract. I guess they are wising up to everyone changing phones all the time :) The 2-year contract was my choice - if you sign up for 2 years, you get a 10% reduction on line rental. You also get "up to £50 off your phone" if you do this, but apparently that is new contracts only - however I think I might complain retrospectively, as their advertising does clearly state existing customers get the same deals as new ones. Anyway, I'm basically not a phone-whore, so that'll suit me fine - it has been nearly 2 years since my last upgrade. Of course if you are willing to go head-to-head with Retentions, I guess you'll probably do better. Myself, I can't be bothered, as the last time I tried that a few years back, they said "Fine - here's your PAC code, bye!".
  5. Well, Orange are selling it to some consumers - i.e. me. I just called 343 as an existing customer out of my contract, discussed the upgrade options, was told I could have a phone upgrade if I took out an 18 month contract (i.e. what it says on the website), so I asked for the M500 and was quoted the £99.99 price on the website. My average bill recently has been just under £30. I stuck with the 120 minute plan, took the 2-year contract to save 10% on the rental (you don't get the £50 off the phone - that's only for new 2-year contracts) and ramped my GPRS up to 10Mb for my new toy. In stock, being delivered tomorrow. Goodbye SPV-200 with your silly I-won't-go-down joypad... hello a whole new suite of problems probably :)
  6. Getting exactly the same. About 50% of my calls are terminated by my Plantronics M3000 turning itself off about 1-2 minutes in. All since update. I think we have a bug here. But what do we do about it?
  7. Answering my own question :) Turns out you can just append the command, so you can do just: at AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","orangeinternet","",0,0d*99# and it inits and connects in one go. Ideal if you are using a keyboard macro / cut and paste.
  8. Marvellous work. If you have Resco Keyboard, you can put that lengthy init string into one of the Fx keys, and the dial string into another and the whole process is relatively painless. Anyone know if there is a way of putting more than one command onto an AT init string? i.e. put the dial instruction on the end of the at+cg... ?
  9. I've managed to get my iPAQ 2210 to connect to the Internet using an IrDA connection to my new E200 over what I think is GPRS using the information gleaned from this forum. However, when I do so, the connection symbol at the top right of the E200 goes to the aerial with two arrows (one left, one right) which I thought was associated with dial-up (CSD) connections rather than GPRS ones. Is this symbol due to the IrDA link? i.e. is this over-riding the GPRS little G over the aerial? Or am I somehow connecting using CSD without knowing it? Of course, it'd be nice if they fix Bluetooth, but that's a different matter...
  10. Anyone know whether this SPVx has either HSCSD or Voice tags on it? Because if it has either, when it comes out I'll be right onto Orange and asking for my upgrade on the basis of things they promised me would be in the SPV and aren't. Got to be worth a shot.
  11. Flopsy

    London Tube Map

    Is there a trial for this anywhere I can get hold of? I would like to try before I buy, as 10 squids is a fair bit to replace a free piece of paper, even if it is nice and showy. I'd have thought this piece of software would be an ideal thing to push out at a promo price - I probably wouldn't hesitate if it was under £5. Ralph.
  12. Flopsy

    Real World....

    Console games producer with a penchant for wasting money on every tech toy I can lay my hands on. And I'm only twenty-something if the something is allowed to be more than ten...
  13. Hi, The very first time I used my handsfree headset it was fine - lovely and clear and a bit spooky to hear the other person in the middle of your head. However, every time since, it is too quiet - even with the earpiece volume adjusted right up to full I can barely hear the conversation. I have noticed somebody saying this can happen if you plug in the headset mid-call, but I haven't done this - I've either turned on the phone and inserted the headset before making the call, or even turned the phone on with the headset in. I also notice that the volume reported by the slider when not in a call is completely different to that when in the call, so I experimented with that slider either fully up or fully down, just in case the phone was adding or multiplying the two setting together, but that didn't help. Anyone any ideas that might help? Ralph
  14. Given that after April we'll all have to come off the promotional GPRS pack, and quite frankly, most of us think the existing GPRS costs are a bit steep, what does everyone think is a reasonable price to pay for GPRS access? Now, I am sure we'd all like unlimited for free, but the key word here is reasonable. I'd like to think that at least somebody from Orange drops by here and may see this thread, or maybe somebody here might officially let them know of our general consensus and perhaps, just perhaps, the prices might get more reasonable before crunch time. Personally, I think the £6 price for 10Mb sounds about right - that's enough to browse the web, do some email, maybe some IM and at least make reasonable use of the phone. Possibly something like £1 per Mb after that. It can't be unreasonable for Orange to supply the data at that cost, as they have made an unlimited WAP GPRS (with a "fair use policy" limit at 10Mb) available on Your Plan for £4 per month. The extra £2 would cover the fact that your data has to go in and out of Orange's servers, unlike for WAP. So what I'd like to see is that at the end of April, everyone already on the package is offered the same deal they are already on, but with a hard limit in place, beyond which it is charged as above. Perhaps make the deal conditional to it being for personal and not business use. Anyone else's thoughts? Ralph.
  15. Regarding the "cap". Has anyone any idea if this is a hard and fast cap, above which you pay per Mb charges, or if it is a Fair Usage cap - i.e. go over it once and they won't mind, but consistently thrash it and they are in their rights to tell you to stop or pay? All the terms and conditions at the moment refer to it being subject to a "Fair Use Policy", which isn't quite as bad as a cap. I still agree that they shouldn't use words like Unlimited to describe it though - that could be one for the Ombudsman to come down on I would have thought. Ralph.

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