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  1. Yeah Muff, I was aware of that thread, and the BKL1 code is the one I can use to keep screen backlight on, but I haven't seen any way to make this also keep the keyboard backlight on. Perhaps quickly switching between D1 and D0 state would do it? But I fear the phone screen would flicker then. Hmm.
  2. No, I'm sorry, I haven't seen any interface to the keyboard backlight, neither reading status nor controlling. I don't think there is such an interface, but on the SPV / SPVe100 / SPVe200 generation of phones, there was an event you could throw every 4 sec., and it would keep all light on the phone on. Can't find such an event on the newest platform, hope someone else has an idea. Allan Hvass
  3. Does anyone know how to keep the keyboard backlight on permanently on a SPV c500 / Qtek 8010/8020 / Audiovox SMT 5600? I've got code for triggering an event periodically that works on earlier HTC models, but not this new series, as well as code that will keep the screen backlight on on all WMS2003 phones, but can´t seem to find a way to have the keyboard light on permanently, either as a setting or by triggering an event periodically. Allan Hvass
  4. Yeah - solved it by using "File Explorer" from www.binarys.com. The built in "File Manager" exposes the same feature, but for reason it doesn't work. Thanks. Allan
  5. That did it. Better get it the next beta release of the documentation :lol: Now, I'm already able to automate this - will finish it up tomorrow. One note: There seem to be no input buffer using this macro tool, i.e. if the phone is not ready to have the key pressed yet, e.g. if it's still working on the previous key press, strange results will happen, either the next keypress will be ignored, or it will result in something else, e.g. start to dial a phone number. Will probably have to use WaitForWindow to ensure that the phone is progressing through the right screens. Will test further on this tomorrow. Thanks for the help again. Allan
  6. I don't find a key code definition for VK_START anywhere on the Internet, though I did find the list of key code definitions from Microsoft on http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default....ualKeyCodes.asp . I did try more than a dozen other codes that might have been interesting on that list, but nothing functioned as the "Home" button. Time to go to bed. Ideas welcome...
  7. First coding issue: The "Home" key on the SmartPhone is appearently not the same key as Home in your key code list, i.e. it doesn't map to the Home key on a PC. When this key code (36) is sent using the script, nothing happens, i.e. the SmartPhone doesn't return to the home screen. Other key codes are working as expected, so this is not a general scripting issue. Any idea what key code to use for this? Allan
  8. Thanks - Smart Explorer was able to create the association correctly. Now, I can run .shk files, also from my built-in File Explorer. My goal with this: I will soon have both a BT car kit and headset to use in the car. The car kit is for default use, both to listen to my voice mails, having quick talks when there's not too much external noise, and especially for using my Mapopolis car navigation program on the SmartPhone. But I still need the headset occasionally, when I want to have a clear communication while driving e.g. on the highway at higher speed, or other situations where there's more external noise (e.g. heavy rain, heavy traffic, etc.). Now, the SmartPhone can switch between the BT car kit and the headset on the fly WHILE carrying out a conversation, without dropping the call. But this requires to go through the Settings menu, Bluetooth settings, devices and setting a specific device to be bound to the handsfree profile. About 10 key presses, which will be difficult to execute quickly and correctly in the middle of a phone call. I've found no way to automate this transfer of role. Hence a macro utility that can fire off specific key presses. Now that I have such a tool to play with, I'll probably think of other uses also :lol: Thanks for your help and developing this tool! Allan
  9. Wow - that was quick :-) Thanks for the key codes. Didn't realize from the description in scripting.txt that it was just the regular ASCII codes for normal characters. Most of the special keys on the SmartPhone was in scripting.txt, though not volume up / down, record button and power button. But the scripting I need to do now don't use those anyway. Regarding mapping .shk files. I use QTek 8060 built-in "File Manager", which looks suspiciously like "File Explorer" that I have used on an earlier phone. In this program, when you try to run a file with unknown extension, it asks you to create an assocation to an application. I then go through the UI to link .shk files with autosmartphone (which I have run once already to accept this unsigned app), but the association doesn't "stick". I.e. on next attempt to run a script, I still get the error of "no association". In other words, I've not been able to run a script even once. Obviously, the association is somewhere in the registry. If anyone knows the location, I can just stick the association in there manually using a registry editor. Otherwise, I may have to try to install "File Explorer" instead? Thanks already, Allan Hvass
  10. Asked a question about a macro utility on SmartPhone on a different thread here: http://www.modaco.com/index.php?showtopic=...&st=0&p=553529& , and someone pointed me at AutoSmartPhone. Got two problems to proceed: 1) Can't get File Explorer to make an association between .shk files and AutoSmartPhone, and thus can't get the macros to actually RUN. Kind of a show stopper :lol: Any ideas? 2) Need a full list of the key codes on a SmartPhone, to be able to script key presses.
  11. Oh, one more issue: I can't seem to make File Explorer make an association to .shk files, even though all the way through the interface, this seems to be the correct way to do it. Thus, I can't actually RUN any scripts. Any ideas?
  12. Hi Jamma14 - that looks exactly like what I was looking for. Anyone got a full list of the key codes for the various keys on a SmartPhone, that's what that app needs. Masure - Thanks for the input. I was looking a XBar previously, but as far as I could see, the type of macros xBar offered didn't allow simulating keypresses, only starting/stopping apps at specific times / events. Perhaps I'm wrong?
  13. Hi there, Anyone aware of a macro utility for the SmartPhone? I.e. a tool that can simulate key presses to automate repititious tasks, e.g. switching of settings, etc. For my use, it could be very basic, i.e. just manually created input files that contain the keys to press, but it could be more advanced with e.g. a macro recorder, branching logic, etc. Notice, I know about application shortcuts, that's not what's needed here. Sincerely, Allan Hvass
  14. Install and ran it on my QTek 8060. Doesn't change the BT on/off status at all. Any ideas? Allan Hvass
  15. Since a number of people have reported running the newest version, could one of you shed some light on whether you've seen any improvements? Is there really any reason to upgrade? Allan Hvass
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